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Swarda Khedekar | Psychologist

  • About Me:
    Swarda Khedekar is a Psychologist in Pune. Among the finest Psychologist in Pune. Swarda Khedekar is experienced & skilled in her field of specialization.
  • Brief Description:
    Providing consulting service for the following issues: Anxiety, Depression, Marital problems, relationship issues, Drug Addiction, Insomnia, Lack of Confidence,
  • Credentials:
  • Testimonials:
    1. She is extremely positive and understands your problem. Trying to help you overcome your difficulties and help you cope with them. 2. Swarda is a great coach and a good person. S. Swarda is an excellent person who understands a person's basic problem and needs and then suggests customized solutions.
  • Opening Hours:
    Morning - 11.00 Am to 2.00 Pm & Evening - 5.00 Pm To 8.00 Pm On Weekdays & Weekends

Swarda Khedekar: Psychologist

Ms. Swarda Khedekar is a clinical psychologist counselor in Pune, India. Ms. Swarda Khedekar specializes in Psychological Counseling for all issues for Adults and Children. She also provides Psychology counseling, career counseling services. Highly skilled and dedicated mental health professional with demonstrated success in providing exceptional care and implementing effective psychotherapies, with a special interest in children and adolescents.

Demonstrated track record of success working with diverse populations for their mental, emotional, and behavioral problems and help them to lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Swara Khedekar  Psychological counseling service has a very rational approach in counseling enabling the clients to develop their minds in a positive & healthy way.

We have an excellent capacity to understand or feel what the client is experiencing from his/her perspective. Some of the key attributes practiced at Ms. Swarda khedekar Counselling services are Excellent Communication & Problem-Solving Skills, Rapport-Building Skills, Nonjudgmental Acceptance, Empathy & Flexible Adaptive Responses. We treat our clients regardless of their race, ethnicity, religious or political belief, or socioeconomic background. Ms. Sward Khedekar Psychological Counselling service always emphasizes Ethical Ways to provide its services-

1) Counselling & Therapy- Depression & Anxiety, Trauma, Relationships.

2) Psychometric testing – a) Individual testing – Intelligence Test, Aptitude & Interest Test, Depression Test, Anxiety Test, Stress Test, Marriage & Pre-marriage Tests, Learning disability screening Tool.



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