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Dr. Rekha Malhotra | Psychologist

  • About Me:
    Dr. Rekha Malhotra is a qualified Clinical Psychologist and a Counselor. She has an experience of 35 years as a Clinical Psychologist with specialization in Child Psychology & Counselling, Relationship and Marriage Counselling.
  • Brief Description:
    We provide top service in the following categories: Psychological Assessment and Testing (for students and adults), Aptitude Testing, IQ Testing, Testing for mental Health Disorders, Personality Assessment and Testing.
  • Credentials:
    35 years experience
  • Opening Hours:
    12.00 pm to 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm on Weekdays

Dr. Rekha Malhotra | Psychologist

Though it may be extremely difficult for those people who do not believe in the existence of a world of Spirits Dr. Rekha Malhotra’s Clinical experience proves otherwise. If they suffering from any of the Addictions to Alcohol, Tobacco Smoking/Chewing, Drugs/other Substances of abuse, or from various physical ailments and/or physical diseases or from behavioral or mental disorders; almost be 100% certain that this person is possessed by one or more of F.Es.

In today’s fast-moving society, the most common ailment suffered by people is Stress. She renders her valuable services in the facet of Stress-related ailments by formulating effective medicines and therapies to counterattack such problems.

She provides services like

1) Psychological Assessment and Testing (for students and adults)

2) Aptitude Testing

3) IQ Testing

4) Testing for mental Health Disorders

5) Personality Assessment and Testing

6) Coping with Stress

7) Marriage Counselling

8) Family Counseling




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Rekha Malhotra