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Ms. Kavita Yadev | Parenting Coach

  • About Me:
    Kavita Yadav is working in the field of Training, Counseling and Psychology from more than 15 years. She is a Psychologist, and certified Parenting Coach and Expert, Career Guidance and Counseling Expert, Trainer and Facilitator working passionately in the field of Mental Health, parenting, relationships, career counseling, emotional well-being and rational thinking.
  • Credentials:
    CBT and TA CDT
  • Testimonials:
    Kavita jus made my day buy helping me to sort my confusion.
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday

Ms. Kavita Yadav:(Psychologist | Parenting Coach | Career Guidance | Author | Life Skills Trainer)

Kavita is a Certified Parenting Coach, Career Guidance & Counseling Expert, Life Skills Trainer & Facilitator, and Counseling Psychologist with 15+ years of corporate experience in Human Resources, Training & Development, Counseling, and Coaching.

She is also certified in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. She is a certified practitioner of therapies like CBT and TA CDT. She employs a collaborative and supportive approach to guide, empower clients to reach their full personal, professional and academic potential.

“Transforming families by empowering people to create a community of Effective, Conscious & Happy Parents and Children for better expression of life, relationships, and career.”

She has been recognized for her pioneering work in the Life Skills arena with the designation of Global Presence Ambassador for Gurgaon, India. She truly believes and works on the principle that “Parenting and Leadership are two sides of the same coin. A great parent will definitely make a great leader. ”She understands the value, challenges, and the very core of life and parenting.

A parent coach is a consultant who helps and supports parents to identify their parenting struggles while creating a plan on how to achieve their goals and navigate difficult situations. Parents can seek the help of a parenting coach to address issues like behavioural challenges, learning difficulties, social adjustment problems, Seperation, communication issues, attachment issues, etc. They can also support parents whose children are experiencing mental health concerns like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc. Parenting coaches are also equipped to support parents whose children have specific developmental issues, special needs or even physical disabilities. Couple Issue, Family Planning, Marital Harmony, Relationship Issues, Separation, Parenting

Parent coaching is an independent certification but in most cases, parent coaches are also qualified psychologists, life coaches and counsellors.  Book an Appointment.


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