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Dr. Preeti Seth : Clinical Psychologist

  • About Me:
    Preeti Sethi is a trained clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, healer, and counselor in Delhi. She is highly regarded for her motivational and inspirational style.
  • Brief Description:
    We provide services for the following categories: Family therapy, individual counseling, Pre and post-marital counseling. Stress management, Depression, Anxiety, Life skills coaching.
  • Credentials:
    MA - Clinical Psychology, MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy Therapist
  • Testimonials:
    1. She is truly magical, so blessed that God has connected me with her! 2. She is an angel who always understands, guides, and helps towards enhancing and nurturing the real "LIFE" Dr. Preeti Sethi is best and I personally recommend her.. 3. Extremely patient and easy to open up to! Made me feel very comfortable and am going for a follow-up session with her.
  • Opening Hours:
    8.00 Am to 12.00 Pm On Monday To Saturday & Sunday - Not Working

Dr. Preeti Seth is a Clinical psychologist and counselor.

She has undergone training in clinical hypnosis from the California hypnosis institute.

Her sessions are based on the fundamental principle that living an effective life relates not so much to what we know, but how we process what we know, how we adapt to change, and our resilience when facing the challenges of daily living.

She helps clients bypass the critical; faculty and communicating with the subconscious mind to create rapid, permanent changes. Discover the beauty of your soul Experience life-changing sessions that expand your mind & connect you to the depths of your inner self and consciousness. To move from darkness into light.

A case history will be taken to assess what are the issues that a guest would like to deal with. Thereafter we would work out a program for four sessions which will cover the following:-
1. Chakra check & chakra cleansing
2. Soul integration
3. Age regressions & inner child healing
4. Forgiveness in the soul world
5. Past life regression
6. Cutting energy links
7. Creating the ideal image & merging
8. Releasing past traumas of this lifetime

Psychologists are trained professionals who work in the field of mental health. There are various sub-fields of psychology but the most common are clinical and counselling psychologists. Psychologists are trained and equipped to help people learn to cope with various life issues and mental health struggles. They take into consideration the client’s personality, values, family system, environment and life goals while helping them with issues like anxiety, depression, anger, eating disorders, mood swings, phobias, communication and social issues, trauma, learning disabilities and even ADHD.

Clinical psychologists are also licensed to administered evaluative tests like personality inventories, aptitude tests, and other clinical tools that can help assess the client’s mental health status. Often times psychologists have additional training and qualifications such as Clinical Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, NLP practitioners, EFT practitioners, life coaches and counsellors. Book an Appointment


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