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Ms. Sneha Gupta – Personal Development Coach

  • About Me:
    I am specialized and a certified Soft Skills Trainer & Image Consultant. I am also Personal Safety & Sexuality Trainer. I have been conducting various soft skills workshops which aims at simplifying skills like Public Speaking, Effective Communication skill, Body language and first Impressions, Art of Interview, Game-changing-etiquette, Achieving goals and Perks of time management.
  • Credentials:
    Certified Soft Skills Trainer & Image Consultant
  • Testimonials:
    Help people to get more clarity in life or profession and free from confusion.
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday

Ms. Sneha Gupta – Personal Development Coach

Ms. Sneha Gupta:(Personality Coach) I have tirelessly dedicated myself to study Personal development in all areas of life, from the inside to outside. Being a certified Image Consultant + Soft Skills Trainer + Career Counsellor + Personal Safety & Sexuality Trainer, I feel thoroughly enabled to look at Personal Development in a more Holistic way. It is this overall insight which has helped me turn into a successful Coach.

I have conducted about 500 workshops in the last six years and have reached more than 50,000 + individuals with my organization Lots of Learning. I believe that, everything can be learnt when taught in a simplistic and an inclusive manner.

On your journey to success, the first person to believe in you is YOU! SO, it is our mission to help you turn into your best version and make you ready to take on the world with a renewed vigor.

“Your ATTITUDE, not your APTITUDE, will determine your ALTITUDE.” – Zig Zager.

It’s always 80% attitude & just 20% Skill , mind it! Personal coaching helps you to better yourself & push you towards achieving greater heights in your life. .

Look around you, behind every successful person there is a Coach or a Mentor which helps to make their journey meaningful, tremendously fulfilling, with phenomenal growth, all the while unleashing their potential exponentially! I sincerely trust in the power of coaching and mentoring to help individuals reach their maximum potential & achieve their goals much more effectively and clearly.

You can choose to drive your fancy fully automated car all by yourself all your life, you may or may not uncover all its functions and its true potential. On the other hand, a guide, a coach or a manual can definitely help you unleash all of its functions which in return will help you navigate your journey thoroughly & more enjoyably. We humans are also just like a fully automated machine with high possibilities & potential. A Personality Coach can help you unleash your maximum potential as well as improve your productivity.

“For me Personality Coaching is my IKIGAI, the purpose we all look for in our lives. I look forward to help you in adding more meaning to your life through our learning modules.”

A personal branding coach will first discuss your business objectives with you. When you tell your consultant about your goals, they can help you create the ideal personal brand approach. If you believe your objectives are unattainable or overly ambitious, you should seek the advice of a personal branding consultant. They can show you how to use your personal brand to achieve almost any future goals you have for your company. Personal branding and image consultancy go hand in hand. Many times such professionals are also qualified life coaches, so that they can provide more personalise support to their clients and create a holistic environment of growth for both the client and their business. Book an Appointment

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