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Online Sound Healing Workshop

  • Credentials:
    Master-ship in Sound Healing, 4th Dimensional Healing, Shamanic Healing

Sound & Energy Healing Is A Very Innovative & Revolutionary Concept Which Has Tremendous Power To Transform Our Life Towards Happiness, Success, Prosperity, Enlightenment, and Peace.
This Concept Is Very New In India That Why Mostly People Do Not Know The Exact Benefits Of Sound Healing But Believe Us One Single SESSION Can Change Your Entire Life & Thought.
Sound Healing Is The Best Medicine To Detoxify The Unusual Toxin From Our Mind & Body For Making Our Lives More Productive, Successful & Efficient, Sound Healing Is The Key To Enhance Your Positive Vibrations, AURA And Opening Of Seven Chakras.
Our Certified Advanced Sound & Energy Healing Workshops Lead Participants On The Path To Awareness And Self-Transformation And Give Them Tools To Help Others By Affecting Change In Their Well-Being, Thus Contributing To Create A Sense Of Self-Confidence In Their Capacity To Heal Themselves.
These Workshops, We Explore The Healing Gifts Of Expressing Sounds, Chanting, Toning, Soul Singing,And Intuitive Rhythms. Focused On Conscious Intention And Mindful Expression, Participants Are Invited To Trust Their Inner Knowledge In Expressing Meaningful And Sacred Sounds As Medicine For The Soul.
Sounds Are Produced In A Meditative State, Using The Voice And Different Instruments On And Around The Body To Carry Us Closer To Being «Whole»: Body, Mind, And Spirit. The Movement May Sometimes Accompany Sound, Allowing The Physical Body To Be An Active Part Of The Healing Process.
We Also Experience Intuitive Sound Healing Techniques On Others, Working In A Therapeutic Fashion To Help Them Relax, Release Tensions And Elevate Their Vibratory Rate.
In These Explorations, We Carefully Choose From Various Instruments, Ranging From Singing Bowls, Rattles, and Shakers, Rain Sticks And Water Bottles To Drums And Many Others, All Of Which Have A Specific Role In Helping To Re balance The Energy Flow Within.
Experience Online Sound Healing & Take It Professionally With Certified Advance Master Session Of Sound Healing Therapy.


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