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Ms. Avni Kaul | Nutritionist Consultant

  • About Me:
    I’m a nationally recognized Nutritionist & Dietitian with a top-ranked private practice in Delhi and rest of India. I hold degrees from some of the best nutrition programs in the country. Most importantly, I’ve helped hundreds of clients lose weight and keep it off — forever ditching their diet mindsets and ending their weight loss battle.
  • Credentials:
    Avni Kaul was awarded India’s Best Dietitian’s Award for her excellent work and contribution in the field of dietary services at of Fitness Excellence Awards (FEA) 2019. FEA was hosted by Messe Frankfurt, which is the world’s largest trade fair, congress and event organiser company and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Testimonials:
    “I was blown away by the meal plan. It was definitely cheat eating at its finest. She is the best Nutritionist in Delhi”
  • Opening Hours:
    Mon to Sat 8AM to 7PM

Ms. Avni Kaul:(Nutritionist Consultant)

Avni is Delhi’s Most renowned Nutritionist, Dietician, and Wellness Coach. She is also a Diabetes Educator and specializes in Weight Management, Child Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Diabetic Management, Skin and Beauty health, Thyroid Disorder, Corporate Wellness.

Avni Kaul is one of India’s most reputed nutritionists, she was the Advisor (Nutrition) in preparatory session for the Buenos Aires 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games, and she is frequently been featured in leading Indian & International Media as an expert on topics related to nutrition, weight loss and alternative healing with food, etc.

While talking on the topic of Nutrition and Healthy Living, Nutritionist Avni Kaul adds, “In life, we do not get enough time for ourselves to admire the creation of our Creator and absorb the full potential of life and experiences around us. Centuries have gone past in the pursuit of happiness where all of us who believe in God have spent our lives trying to admire the life he has created, and we have devoted our lives to his worship.

Hence if you have faith in God and you believe the fact that whatever he creates is perfect then how can you ignore his greatest creation in the universe. ………YOU.

Although both dietitians and nutritionists assist clients in determining the ideal diets and foods to satisfy their health needs, their qualifications are distinct. Dietitians can help people with specific health problems like eating disorders by making meal suggestions.

In general, a dietitian’s function is more controlled than that of a nutritionist, and the distinction is due to the type of education and professional training received. A dietician must have various licences and qualifications in order to practise. The term “nutritionist” is less regulated than “dietitian” and has a broader definition. Nutritionists and dietitians may specialise in different areas. 

Both dieticians and nutritionists are qualified to help individuals with issues such as weight loss / weight gain, fatigue reduction, improving hair/skin quality and digestive diseases. Dieticians would be able to provide advice related to specific health conditions like eating disorders, PCOS, diabetes, etc. Nutritionists can also have specialisations like sports nutrition,  for example.  Book an Appointment


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