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Vasudha Sainik | Nutritionist

  • About Me:
    Born and brought up in Mumbai, India. She has graduated in Food Science & Nutrition, from SNDT University, Mumbai, and Has Completed Post Graduation in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics & further on specialized in Diabetes & Cardiac care from SNDT University Mumbai. Also holds an Advanced Diploma in Physical Fitness & Weight Management from SNDT University, Mumbai.
  • Brief Description:
    We Provide services for the following categories: Customised Diet chart, Diet planning, Ketogenic Diet Treatment, Sliming Treatment, Weight Management.
  • Credentials:
    Post Graduation in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics & further on specialized in Diabetes & Cardiac care from SNDT University Mumbai.
  • Testimonials:
    1. Will truly recommend her diet plan. It definitely worked for me. All meals in the diet are balanced and will not leave anyone craving for food. She ensures that one gets to enjoy all tastes, which gives a feeling of satiety after any meal. I was able to loose 8 kgs in 5 months. 2. I am very happy to meet Vasudha and follow her diet plan. Her plans have not only helped me in losing weight but has also brought my Cholesterol levels in control, without following any medication. I would like to thank her for making me and my family feel healthy! Keep up the good work! 3. I have benefitted immensely post I started following the diet plan recommended by Vasudha since December 2019. Lost 10 kgs and counting. I feel so much better now. Energetic, less stressful and so much lighter.
  • Opening Hours:
    2.00 Pm To 6.00 Pm On Weekdays & Weekends - Not Working

Vasudha Sainik: Nutritionist

An Awakening Session is what it should be actually called. This session is more about talking and understanding eating habits, sleep hours, food patterns, food blunders, etc than portion control, calorie counting, and weight tracking. It’s more like you talk and she listens, and then you together with work around a plan that works for you, because, no one knows your body better than you, yourself she says.

Weight loss is a byproduct of eating, eating right & Feeling Right. Because your body goes only where your mind does, after all, your body won’t go, where your mind doesn’t push it. Over the last century, this innate wisdom has been lost amongst the advancements in food science, medicine, technology, and an ever-growing “I’m too busy mentality.

As a society, we are no longer truly nourishing ourselves with food, instead opting for pre-packaged and processed “fake foods”, which cause us more harm than we could have ever imagined. To truly heal ourselves, we need to reconnect with real, whole, nutrient-dense foods and eat the way nature intended. Food has the power to nourish, heal, and energize our bodies, as the famous Greek doctor, Hippocrates, stated – “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.

It is so true, that with technology, we have got to know the best of everything, but we do tend to forget the basics. We may follow the best of diets, eat the best of foods. But, the absorption of Nutrients from it is the key to making the whole, difference.

Hence sometimes, in spite of taking all the care, it just doesn’t work & one still doesn’t shed those kilos. When it comes to food, just about everyone has strong opinions, views, and diverse assertions about what constitutes healthy nutrition.

With too much knowledge floating everywhere, on the internet, or on a forwarded video, or from the piece of advice shared in a healthy gesture, everyone seems to know exactly what one, should all be eating. And, unfortunately, very few of them may actually know the right thing.

Dull skin, High Cholestrol,High Sugar, Lack Of Stamina, Lower Immunity, Weight gain, Weight Loss




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Vasudha Sainik