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Mr. Anil Kumar – Nakshatra Astrology

  • About Me:
    Anil Kumar effectively uses Numerology and Palmistry to support his readings and for recommending remedies such as lucky gem stones, rudraksha etc. The remedies and solutions suggested by him are very practical and simple which has helped several clients for overall well-being.
  • Credentials:
    More than 15 years of experience in Astrology
  • Testimonials:
    Anil Kumar is a great expert in Numerology. I consulted him for my firm name. His suggestion about changing my firm name by adding couple of alphabets in it proved out to be very lucky for me. Since then i am in regular touch with him for any Numerology related queries.
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday

Mr. Anil Kumar:(Nakshatra Astrology) is a leading Mumbai(Maharashtra, India.) based Astrologer, Numerologist, Palmist and Vaastu Consultant. He is in this field since last 15 years and has got huge client base from different fields viz. Professionals, Corporate Executives, Businessmen, Students, Politics, TV, Bollywood etc.

Anil Kumar holds Bachelor degree in Science(Chemistry) and M.B.A in Marketing from Pune university and has worked in few MNC’s at senior positions in sales and marketing divisions. He is an avid reader of Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and has done advanced learning in astrology from the ‘Maharashtra Jyotish Parishad’ Pune. He has many successful predictions and satisfied clients to his credit. He uses the most scientific and accurate system of predicting events – Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP System) Along with Vedic system (Parashari System)

A true devotee of Sai baba of Shirdi, he believes in the philosophy of past life and current life karmas. He always encourages his clients to put in the best efforts to achieve their desired goals in life and pursue their ambitions. He believes in simple life formula.

Astrology is an ancient science. It deals with the inter relation of the signs of zodiac, The houses/ cusps , The constellations ( Nakshatras) and the planets . These combinations influences the thought processes and decision making capacities of the humans to a large extent thereby shaping the life events and destiny of people. The true meaning of astrology is the “ Message of the Stars”. Astrology does not permit one to classify anything as an accident, as it explains the cause and effect of events.

An astrologer is a professional who is educated in the field of astrology – reading and interpreting horoscopes. Horoscopes are based on the movement or placement of astronomical bodies like planets and stars. Astrologers can read client’s birth charts to help them understand their past, present and also to some extent predict the future. Through birth charts, astrologers can also uncover an individual’s personality, characteristics and future prospects like marriage, family and wealth.

Tarot card reading is another form of predicting the future that is becoming increasingly popular. Tarot card readers are skilled individuals who read and interpret client’s past, present and future prospects and advise them on their next steps in life.  Book an Appointment



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