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    We provide services for the following categories: Psychotherapy, Individual Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Sex Counseling, Corporate Counseling
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    MBBS, MD
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    1. Dr. Rajiv Anand was referred for my father by our family physician 3 months back for Depression. He also suffered from mild dementia and had even started hallucinating. But After Dr. Rajiv Anands treatment there is unbelievable positive change in my father. My father has come back to normal which we thought was really hard. He has started taking interest in daily routine activities. Dr. Anand handled his case with complete dedication. With his vast experience and valuable knowledge he made accurate diagnosis and implemented precise solutions. 2. My sufferring from Moderate depression lasting 13 years came to end finally after consulting Dr Rajiv Anand. I could not believe that few weeks treatment could transform my life the way it did. I am able to manage my depression so effectively that it doesn't interfere with my day to day work and motivation. 3. Dr. Rajiv Anand have a very good experience in the field of psychology. He understands the problem very well and provides a very accurate solutions. His workshops are very good and helpful for all, to have a healthy mind. Through various examples, audios and thoughtful discussions he help you understand many good things. Which helps you develop life changing habits and thoughts pattern. Please do not hesitate to contact him, if you are facing any psychological issues. He is very friendly and helpful. Thank you.
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Mr. Rajiv Anand

Marriage Counselor

Rajiv Anand is a marriage counselor who believes that Men and women were created to be bound by the sacred thread of love and harmony. For centuries, our grandparents and theirs before them have lived to celebrate silver & golden wedding anniversaries.

While we watched in awe, we witnessed exemplary situations where two personalities merged together like a jigsaw puzzle to make a picture-perfect marriage. Theirs was a time-tested bond of love, understanding, empathy & sacrifice. the bond of true soul-mates. Marriages are made in Heaven. But they can be irrevocably destroyed on earth by us mortals in today’s rat-raced, relationships are the first casualty.

Statistics show that 8 out of 10 relationships crumble before reaching the altar. Others develop irreconcilable differences before the 5th year of marriage. Why? It’s not because our genetic make-up has changed since our grandparents walked this earth. It’s because we have forgotten that men and women are wired such that they think, act and behave differently in the same situation.

Couples today have become less patient, more selfish, less understanding, more ambitious… enough to compromise the quality of the most beautiful relationship since time immemorial.

We pride ourselves in NEARLY 3 DECADES of unparalleled consistency in helping couples benefit from our vast experience in scientifically understanding human behavior, relationships and the anatomy of marriage.

Our various programs are designed to help you or your near and dear ones develop the wisdom to attain true happiness in your married life at costs that appear insignificant in measures of time, effort and money. Learn to create the magic of conjugal bliss.

1) Pre-Marital Education – Young adults on the verge of tying the knot today have a gross misconception of what makes a successful marriage. In the backdrop of depleting emotional connectivity in families, rising number of double-income homes, and increasing life pressures, many young people walk into marriage ill-informed.

2)Marriage & Sex Counseling – Marriage is a healthy partnership between two growing individuals. Every marriage, however, comes with its own share of individual clash of interests. Small hurts and disappointments, quarrels, misunderstandings, or sometimes, a complete nose dive – all form a part of married life. Diminishing libidos and inadequate physical intimacy While some continue to walk a rocky road with each destructive disagreement, others frequently sulk at the loss of that dizzying love and romance of the early years. The lack of excitement pushes them to co-exist in dry, derailed or diseased marriages, often one argument shy of divorce.

3) Marriage Enrichment Program – You have been married for years have enjoyed a healthy relationship most of the time. However, like most couples, you have not been devoid of minor to major conflicts in your marriage. Increasing responsibilities, demands of growing children, mounting expectations, diverging personal goals, inconsistent personal growth, decreasing emotional and family ties, and more… If any or all these factors are marring the possibility of enjoying the bliss of “Happily Ever After” in your marriage, or in that of someone close to you… this program is for you. Discover the secret to that dream life that is eluding you and re-define your own and your partner’s happiness.

 can see both individuals and married couples for the purpose of addressing issues related to their marriage. The marital counsellor’s job is to figure out what’s really going on behind the complaints, to resolve disagreements, and to encourage the couple to agree on rules and boundaries so that the marriage can get back on track. During a marriage counselling session the counsellor can identify concerns, such as drug misuse, childhood events, or depression, that he believes are contributing to the couple’s problems. Marriage conflict is normal and marriage counsellors are trained to help the couple navigate various different areas of concern like communication problems, sexual intimacy issues, Separation, cheating and infidelity, value and lifestyle differences as well as personality differences. 

Marriage counselling is an independent certification, however, most marriage counsellors are also qualified psychologists, who have taken up a niche in working with couples and families.  Couple Issue, Family Planning, Marital Harmony, Relationship Issues, Separation, Parenting  Book an Appointment



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