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Ms. Pragya Mishra | Lifestyle Coach

  • About Me:
    Design your home to design your life | Astro-Vastu Expert | Life Coach | Attract Abundance and Manifest your Desire | Transform Your Home Today EASILY to Transform Your Life
  • Brief Description:
    Pragya Mishra:(Lifestyle Coach) based in Assam. She refers to Astrology and Vaastu to reach simple & practical solutions to common issues of life such as health, wealth, job, carrier, marital issues, and material success.
  • Credentials:
    Master of Bio Technology
  • Testimonials:
    Pragya has passion to serve people who need to know which path to take to get success in life. She helps to focus on your goals and making the inbuilt space aligned with your Astro chart and without any constructional changes or if required only small changes are done to go a long way. She gives simple ideas and tools to stay positive and handle success and grab every opportunity.
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Friday

Ms. Pragya Mishra:(Lifestyle Coach)

Ms. Pragya is on a mission to transform the lives of people and help them become the best version of themselves. She is passionate about giving people a step-by-step process in designing a life they would love through re-designing their homes. It is achieved through simple & practical solutions to common issues of life such as health, wealth, job, carrier, marital issues, and material success. The solution is based on time-tested Astro-Vaastu Philosophy proven by many years of research, testing and experiments.

She is a Master of Bio-Technology. She heard her inner voice a few years ago and started learning our ancient Vedic wisdom like Astrology and Vastu Shastra under the guidance of prominent Gurus. Since then her spiritual journey started. After achieving success in helping her relatives and friends with their problems, she has started to guide people in solving common issues of life & problems.

A life coach is a type of wellness expert who assists people in making progress in their lives so that they might achieve greater happiness. Clients work with life coaches to improve their relationships, jobs, and daily lives. Life coaches may assist you in defining your objectives, identifying the roadblocks that are preventing you from achieving them, and devising solutions to overcome each one. Life coaches tailor these tactics to your specific abilities and strengths. Life coaches provide the assistance you need to create long-term transformation by assisting you in maximising your talents. Life coaching can be the solution to issues like lack of motivation, confusion, indecision, communication or social problems, career change, marriage and family issues, or even just for personal growth and development.

A life coach is not a counsellor or a psychologist, however in some cases, qualified psychologists also practice life coaching. Book an Appointment



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