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Sangeeta Kabra | Life Coach

  • Brief Description:
    We provide life and leadership coaching to individuals on 1:1 session as well as for multiple people in a Group. Apart from that, we also provide life and leadership coaching in Education institutes, Companies, NGOs, etc.
  • Credentials:
    Master Degree in English Literature & Political science
  • Testimonials:
    1. Sangeeta is the best, after hearing her Radio program, I contacted her and she is helping me in taking care of my depression and anxiety issues. She is a good listener and her clarity of thoughts will amaze you. 2. When I suffered a loss in business, I almost wanted to end my life. I saw this world full of darkness, but my colleague referred Sangeeta to me. Ah, such a relief to know that there is someone out there who is there for you, to help you, to mentor you, and to guide you throughout your journey. 3. My parents kept on pushing me for Masters's studies, however, talking to them about my career aspirations was very difficult. Thanks to Sangeeta Mam, she provided the best career counseling to me and my parents and now I am all set.
  • Opening Hours:
    Morning - 10.00 Am To 1.00 Pm & Evening - 3.00 Pm To 6.00 Pm On Monday to Saturday, Sunday - Not Working

Sangeeta Kabra: Life Coach

Perfect-U Group is dedicated to eradicating issues concerning the health of an individual, society, and relationships. We are certified in the field of Life Coaching and Leadership coaching and can help you unlock your potential, achieve desired success in your job and business, and train your mindset to bring out the Perfect-U.

Perfect-U provides the platform to help individuals, groups, and communities by providing a systematic methodical way to manage today’s stressful environment, competition, anxiety, stress, depression, and all other related issues. Sangeeta Kabra is a Founder of ‘Perfect-U’ helping out individuals, groups, women, and kids for the last many years and today, through a proper medium she is trying to help the community for making this world a better place.

At Perfect-U provides life coaching, business coaching, and leadership coaching to individuals on 1:1 sessions as well as for multiple people in a Group. Apart from that, we are extremely active in providing life and leadership coaching in Education institutes, Companies, NGOs, etc. We are actively helping our society through women empowerment programs, aid campaigns, kids’ education and try to help through monitory means wherever possible.

We have crafted a special segment focusing on entrepreneurship through which we are helping businessmen, businesswomen from startups to MNCs by helping them go through a few techniques and tips using which they can be more focused, goal-oriented, and result-driven.



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