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Ms. Milind Jadhav | Life Coach

  • About Me:
    Hi, my name is Milind Jadhav, I am a 50-year-old Certified Life Coach based in India doing coaching since 2012 with an annual practice of 1200+ hours of coaching.  I am affiliated with the international coach certification body Certified Coaches Alliance. I am an IIM Bangalore Alumnus (1994 batch).
  • Brief Description:
    Through my coaching, I help people deal powerfully with whatever challenges they are facing in life - challenges related to performance, career growth, relationships, finances, health amongst others.
  • Credentials:
    Certified Life Coach
  • Testimonials:
    1. Very good Life coach in Mumbai. 2. Milind is the best coach & a good human being. 3. Milind is excellent who understands the core issue and requirement of an individual and then suggests customized solutions.
  • Opening Hours:
    10.00 Am To 1.00 Pm & 2.00 Pm To 5.00 Pm On Weekdays & Weekends

Mr. Milind Jadhav: Life Coach

Working with a Life Coach DOES NOT MEAN that you are weak and incapable of solving your own problems. It does not mean there is something wrong with you.  It just means that you are smart enough to CHOOSE to do in half the time, half the energy, and half the heartburn, with the support of a coach, what you can do on your own anyway!

Life Coaching is helping my clients:
• A positive frame of mind
• Freedom from confusion
• Better self-esteem and self-confidence
• Accountability for their goals and actions
• Higher belief in self
• Enhanced productivity and more efficient time-management
• Mastery over procrastination and improved focus
• Better control over the tendency to regret the past and worry about the future
• Ability to stay calm and strong in situations
• Mental make-up and courage to quit corporate life and get into entrepreneurship
• Reduced conflicts at home and office, better relationships
• Formation of new good habits and elimination of unproductive ones

A life coach is a type of wellness expert who assists people in making progress in their lives so that they might achieve greater happiness. Clients work with life coaches to improve their relationships, jobs, and daily lives. Life coaches may assist you in defining your objectives, identifying the roadblocks that are preventing you from achieving them, and devising solutions to overcome each one. Life coaches tailor these tactics to your specific abilities and strengths. Life coaches provide the assistance you need to create long-term transformation by assisting you in maximizing your talents. Life coaching can be the solution to issues like ack Of Growth, Low Self Confidence, Lack Of Motivation, Fear Of Public Speaking, Work Life Balance, Low Performance

A life coach is not a counsellor or a psychologist, however in some cases, qualified psychologists also practice life coaching. Book an Appointment




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