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Life coach

  • Brief Description:
    Kriyas, Surya namaskar, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Mantra practice, along with ongoing study of yoga philosophy.
  • Credentials:
    1. Certified Yoga Teacher from SYASA, India, 2. Certified Life Coach with a specialization in Holistic Wellness Coaching recognized by International Coach Federation. 3. Certified Master Spirit Life Coach recognized by Certified Coaches Alliance 4.
  • Testimonials:
    1. I am Merrill Dsilva, lets say my age and designation is inconsequential to the this statement, but what is important to know is that I was lost and confused. When I first met Mr Pranav Dandekar, his kindness amused me. I had disappointed everyone but most of all myself. He guided me out of that place and was a friend first my master second. He helped me find clarity and directed me towards what i am. " The Solution to every aspect of the universe in within. you just have to look ". he taught me so much and I will never in my life will forget him for this. As his pupil to the art of yoga I can confidently say he will teach you something new something beyond something yourself so go ahead and seek and he will help everyone. 2. Meeting Pranav was a defining moment in my professional career. It has been inspiring to work with Pranav and systematically helped me focus on my abilities, skills and core goals and ignore the rest. I am happy to report that I have started my new venture and that would not have happened without his help. It was a worth investment in my career switch. 3. Hi, This is Sushmita and taking regular yoga classes from Pranav. Not only is Pranav a fantastic practitioner but also an excellent teacher. His instructions are very clear and install a love of yoga in me with his skill and compassion. Yoga has changed my life for the better. I have Pranav to thank for that. 4. My experience with Pranav Dandekar had been very enriching. Pranav is a thorough professional who makes you comfortable about discussing your issues. He has helped me by arriving collaboratively the insights about some unexplored dimensions to tackle the issues. Really looking forward to the upcoming sessions with him. 5. “Traditional Yoga”!! A Truly enriching and invigorating experience, where both body and mind get attuned and find perfect balance. Aimed at de-stressing the mind and exercising the body at the same time, requires an apt and capable Yoga Teacher who not only understands each individual’s requirement but helps them attain their goal too.
  • Opening Hours:
    8.00 am to 10.00 pm On Weekdays & Weekends

I possess an inherent passion for introducing people to a physically, mentally, socially and spiritually balanced life. My focus isn’t on earth-shattering and highly unrealistic changes but on making small, wise and doable lifestyle changes which are grounded yet fantastic and wholesome. The emphasis is on embracing a Sattvik or pure lifestyle by going back to our roots. The purpose of quitting a highly lucrative corporate career was to guide people into leading healthier, stress-free and more fulfilling lives. I am merely the facilitator or medium of change. The change comes from within you for yourself. Here’s to your health, happiness and well-being!


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