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Mr. Parag Sanghvi | BYF Holistic Life Coaching

  • About Me:
    I started my career as a Consultant Radiologist. I had my own diagnostic center and practiced successfully for 13 years. I managed to turn my health limitations into an asset and started this journey as a Holistic Life and Wellness & Health Coach, Health Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and Mentor.
  • Brief Description:
    We provide services for the following categories: Holistic Life Coach, Health Wellness Coach, Health Consultant, Motivational Speaker & Mentor.
  • Credentials:
    Certified Life coach, Certified Health Wellness Coach
  • Testimonials:
    1. Gained a ton of insight into how to better assess situations as well as how to listen to people more carefully, putting myself into their shoes, thinking about my words and actions twice. It's been a great, life-changing experience. Definitely worth my time and energy to invest in bettering myself and help others around me as well. Thank you Dr. Parag for coaching me. 2. WOW! Holistic coaching was everything I needed and so much more. The lessons are beyond valuable and easy to understand and implement. I found that through asking myself the questions and going through the sessions, that I myself was up-leveling. Very well put together and incredible knowledge imparted by Dr. Parag. These learnings meld nicely with my approach to life tools and my own holistic lifestyle. Thank you so much, Dr. Parag! 3. I'm glad I selected the Holistic coaching sessions with Dr. Parag Sanghvi. He covered easy to pick up on and straightforward concepts that can be applied to everyday life. Dr. Parag was very descriptive in his explanation and pretty much holds your hand on this journey to become an achiever. I am grateful and appreciative for your guidance, Dr. Parag. Thank you
  • Opening Hours:
    09.30 Am To 12.30 Pm & 4.00 Pm To 7.00 Pm On Weekdays & Weekends - Not Working

BYF Holistic Life Coaching

Mr. Parag Sanghvi: Life Coach

At BYF, Holistic Life Coaching involves coaching on the 8 essential areas of your life, namely Career, Finance, Health & Wellness, Relationship, Emotional, Spiritual, Education, and Recreational. The Outcome of Holistic Life Coaching is a state of complete Mind-Body-Heart-Life balance which every one of us aspires for. We have developed a “Signature” Program- Holistic Edge for you. BYF coaches you for Wellness in-toto.

WHO defines Health as a “State of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. BYF adds the spiritual aspect and defines Health & Wellness as a “State of physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being.” We have developed a “Signature” Program – Wellness in-toto for you. This is a very novel and recent concept developed by BYF. BYF will guide you and support all your medical needs especially in long-standing illnesses and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension…

BYF will also guide you in taking conservative/surgical decisions and identifying suitable doctors and hospitals. This will not only help you medically but also help you plan your finances (considering the ever-increasing medical expenses). Being a Doctor himself, Parag Sanghvi has the necessary expertise and experience.

A life coach is a type of wellness expert who assists people in making progress in their lives so that they might achieve greater happiness. Clients work with life coaches to improve their relationships, jobs, and daily lives. Life coaches may assist you in defining your objectives, identifying the roadblocks that are preventing you from achieving them, and devising solutions to overcome each one. Life coaches tailor these tactics to your specific abilities and strengths. Life coaches provide the assistance you need to create long-term transformation by assisting you in maximising your talents. Life coaching can be the solution to issues like lack of motivation, confusion, indecision, communication or social problems, career change, marriage and family issues, or even just for personal growth and development.

A life coach is not a counsellor or a psychologist, however in  some cases, qualified psychologists also practice life coaching. Book an Appointment



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