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  • About Me:
    Babita Singhvi Baidya is a woman entrepreneur, dreamer, traveler, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you to live the best life and be the person you most want to be. She is one of the first certified and trained life coaches in Nepal. As a life coach, Babita has shared her life changing ideas and models for personal growth and change with many people. Her mission is to help 10,000 people to unfold the power within them and create the life they have been dreaming of. She has studied under legends like Puja Puneet, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins and many more. She lives with her husband Vijay Singh Baidya in Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Credentials:
    She has studied under legends like Puja Puneet, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins and many more.
  • Testimonials:
    Thank you so much, Babita, feeling happy having a big sister to whom I could pour my heart and doubts. And yes I got a solution to my questions. Feeling so secure that I have u by my side in this new journey And I am relieved so much talking to u and getting assurance that I am on the right path.💐💐 Dr. Seema
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Friday

Babita Singhvi Baidya:(Life Coach) As a life coach, I am professionally trained to help you tap into your full potential and achieve your goals. Through customized strategies and skills, I can help you define yourself and create the life you wish for yourself. I can help you in the aspects of confidence, self-esteem, relationships, balancing life between work and home, self-care, setting goals, and purposeful living.

A life coach is someone who helps you gain clarity. They encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and set goals for yourself. On the other hand, a therapist is a medical professional focused on helping people with their mental health and emotional healing.

While life coaches focus on mind training, finding your purpose and unleashing your full potential, therapists focus on healing people with mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, bipolar and so on.

Life coaches support people who want to live a purposeful life by teaching them self-discipline, accountability, gratitude, and mind training.
Therapists support and help patients with their situation through the lenses of disease and illness. The goal is to heal the patient through counseling and help them cope with their situation better.

Life coaches focus on the present and the future while therapists focus on the past.
Medication might be involved in the healing process while working with a therapist, while that is not applicable in the case of life coaches.

You deserve to have every aspect of your life personal, professional, and spiritual be exactly the way you want it.

If you’re ready to experience dramatic and permanent changes in your clarity, confidence, and ability to achieve your dreams, Avisrota Coaching experience is perfect for you.

Working with me, you’ll develop the skills necessary to become a happier, more confident, and more focused person with the commitment to become an unstoppable success.

I will give you the perfect opportunity to unlock your full potential and show up as your best self in a whole new way.

Lack Of Growth, Low Self Confidence, Fear Of Public Speaking, Work Life Balance, Low Performance


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