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Learn And Play is based on Hand-on-Hand© model which is an integrated model as it involves DIR (Development, Interaction and Relationship) Floor-time, Differences Management, Language Expansion, Social Skills Enhancement, following social and cognitive stages of Play provides a horizon to expand the life of child in social and cognitive both ways. Most parents find it difficult to handle certain situations which is outside the therapy room. Autism comes with certain engagements which is ritualistic, rigid and repetitive. The ability to generalize things which kids learn around in therapies, takes some time and to handover the skills in varied contexts is requires certain skills.

We empower parents by engaging them in sessions focusing on regulation, engagement and purposeful communication. On- site differences handling by tailoring the interaction and situations. Empowering them by reports and following targets and On- site Difference handling.

Age we Deal:  We provide services ranging from 1.5 months to 18 years of age.


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