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Inner Power, Energy & Mindfulness Coach

  • About Me:
    I am the founder of RENEWALism, an international Reiki master, Business Qigong guide, Mindfulness coach, and Author of two books. I guide you with ancient oriental wisdom to overcome modern business and lifestyle challenges.
  • Brief Description:
    One-on-one coaching sessions and workshops on Business Qigong, Chakra Meditation, Mindfulness Coaching, Reiki Healing, and Learning Reiki Online
  • Credentials:
    Reiki Master, Mindfulness Coach, Belief Clearing Coach
  • Testimonials:
    If you are looking for a speaker to improve the productivity and efficiency of your organization, I recommend you connect with Sandeep Nath to add value to your employees growth and development.
  • Opening Hours:
    10:30-7:30 - On days as convenient to you


Sandeep Nath (Inner Power, Energy & Mindfulness Coach):

Sandeep is best defined as an Inner Power Coach. His interventions result in people rising to – and sustaining – higher potential. His speaking style quickly engages audiences to change and think differently. He is thought-provoking, insightful and direct. Participants on his events – whether online or offline – feel compelled to take action.

Currently, he offers the following online sessions for his clients:

1. Staying Happy-24/7 ( Habits4Happiness) 

  • The Habits4Happiness masterclass will teach you 12 things to focus on to change your state to one of happiness – regardless of how you might be feeling at any point in time. What’s more, the instructor will teach you a proven method from ancient wisdom which guarantees that you can make yourself happy because you learn how to cultivate the habits that change your state. This method is called the TBHAR Technique and is applied to renew our happiness – like we had when we were children!

2. Qigong Healing 

  • Starting with the fundamentals of Qigong, participants will learn to work with energy and use it to experience lightness, self-healing, harmony, and happiness. By the end of the session participants will have a daily routine for staying healthy all the time, in all seasons. This practice even help in overcoming body ache and chronic pain in middle age or elderly citizens.
  • 4 hours session in 2 parts of 2 hours each – online over Zoom / video-bridge – Rs 4999/-+18%

2. Chakra Meditation

  • This is a video-driven course with a guided meditation and a graduated step-by-step process for opening one’s chakras for healing. The Inner Power of Chakra Healing is good for entire families to heal at all levels – physical, psychological, and emotional.
  • A packaged product worth INR 7999 is available exclusively through The Holistic Living for Rs 4999 +18%

3. Mindfulness Coaching

  • 4 hours interaction over 8 sessions – twice a week. Payable in full at the start of the engagement
  • This is an individual coaching program to get more aware of oneself at a body, mind, and spirit level. Mindfulness is the key to better relationships, health, finances, physique, and spiritual connection. In 4 weeks this program will create balance across all dimensions

4. Reiki Healing

  • 30 to 45-minute session delivered through distance Reiki, non-contact.
  • Reiki is an energy healing process that channels the ambient energy of the patient for their recovery from physical, mental, and emotional issues. Depending on the issue being addressed, the number of sessions required are decided but everyday issues are sorted in 1 or 2 sessions it-self.

5. Learn Reiki Online 

  • More than 2 hours of video content plus personalized teaching of 2 hours including attunement transmission over Zoom / video-bridge
  • Participants will start from zero knowledge and become adepts at self-healing using Reiki.
  • A Certification for healing self and others can be made available with an extra investment of 1 hour and additional fee.

Sandeep is a master in establishing the link of health, purpose, and productivity with the energy required of a leader. And he makes managers self-motivated to use this energy to decrease stress, increase customer delight, empower teams, and improve work-life balance. Since 2006, Sandeep has worked with thousands of individuals across 4 continents and has conducted workshops in over 46 cities. On Google, he owns the front page for “Sandeep Nath Success”, having authored Arrive At Success.

In June 2020, he released his second book titled RENEWAL, on elevating human consciousness through small changes in individual habits. And as a Broadcaster & Anchor of The Renewalism Show, he ran 36 daily episodes viewed by over 60,000 people online in its first season. He works with a wide range of global organizations and provides them with a competitive edge based on his unique understanding of how the world works.

His intervention success is based on his belief that behavior is an outcome of thinking. And to bring individuals into action you have to work on their thought-perception, which is easily achieved through working on habits. Sandeep’s methodology can quickly move hindering habits into profitable perception, providing the spark needed to reset the mindset of your organization.

You can listen to Inner Power Podcasts by Sandeep Nath and gain the recipe to “Have it All.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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