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  • About Me:
    We help you in attaining high levels of self-direction towards your goals and life vision. Our team of dedicated consultants, coaches and trainers comes together to help you design an authentic and compelling presence through mastering the three prongs of lasting impressions – Foundational Skills, Personal Growth and Personal Branding.
  • Credentials:
    Certified in Executive Coaching, Personality Development, Train the Trainer, Training & Development, Image Consulting and Personal Branding
  • Testimonials:
    “Rritu scores very high on emotional intelligence, the most wanted skill these days. She aces on soft skills with her deep empathy and understanding of human behavior. With her strength in soft skills and NLP, she ensures a productive, collaborative and healthy work environment for her team, which are vital attributes for organizations in an increasingly competitive world. Rritu conducted a workshop on ‘personality development and impact of visual communication’ for one of our women’s groups. Her suggestions have been practical and have helped all of them in overall getup. I wish her and her team all the very best!”
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Friday

RRITU RANA:(Image Consultant)

Rritu is an Executive and Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Behavioural Sills Trainer, and Personality Development Expert. She is a multi-functional leader with multi-sector experience, Rritu specializes in resilience-building amidst crises and helping individuals in rising above and leading from within

She is certified in Executive Coaching, Personality Development, Train the Trainer, Training & Development, Image Consulting and Personal Branding; and uses various psychological tools in her training programs.

This not only impacts the clients, but also those in their collective network.

She believes in raising one’s self-awareness, in an open and non-judgmental manner, creating an environment in which the clients feel comfortable to share their thoughts and feelings. Her online programs and consultations are experiential, interactive, energizing, and fun. And she believes in participant-centered learning and encourages them to be open towards embracing the future with confidence.

Rritu has also focused her passion on supporting projects that she cares about – She is a Council Member at India Malaysia Business Council of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI )and she actively contributes towards environmental awareness initiatives with Climate Coaching Alliance.

She is based out of Mumbai and wishes to further her initiatives towards connecting and collaborating with people globally.

Image consultants are experts who help clients improve their personal or professional image. They assess, improve, and upgrade their clients’ look, conduct, and communication skills to ensure that their image matches their personal or professional objectives. Image consulting is the practise of assisting people in managing their image in order to lead more fulfilling personal, professional, and social lives. It focuses on assisting clients in making the best use of their personal resources, such as their wardrobe, grooming habits, behavioral skills, and communication, in order to achieve their goals in every position they play in life. It is the process of determining how a person’s physical appearance affects their professional image.

Many life coaches and personal brand managers also practice as image consultants. Lack Of Growth, Low Self Confidence, Fear Of Public Speaking, Work Life Balance, Low Performance

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