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Ms Jyothi | Image Consultant

  • About Me:
    Image Management Consulting Services for individuals. Life Coaching Services for individuals and groups. Happiness Coaching Services for all individuals and groups.
  • Credentials:
    More than 10 years of experience
  • Testimonials:
    My customer are very satisfied from my practice
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Friday

Jyothi:(Image Consultant)

Jyothi is a qualified Image Consultant, trained under the Curriculum of Counselor Institute of Image Management, USA, prescribed by Judith Rasband, a Certified Image Master in the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), through the Image Consulting Business Institute, Mumbai. She is a member of the Image Management Professionals Association (IMPA), the only association for image professionals in the Indian sub-continent & Middle East. She is also a Life Coach, holding an International Coach Certification from the Certified Coaches Alliance, Canada.

She is also trained in Personal Counselling Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, by renowned Counselling & Psychotherapists Dr (Mrs) Rajan Bhonsle & Dr. Shishir Palsapure respectively. Combining her Coaching & Counselling skills with Image Management Techniques, Jyothi aims to provide comprehensive

Today the competitive environment encompasses every conceivable sphere of activity, be it social, professional, or business context, and demands sound Image Management Skills in people, either as individuals/ professionals for themselves or as representatives of their organization.

To inculcate such expertise in managing the IMAGE and to reinforce people’s self-confidence and identity, Jyothi chose Image Management Consulting as the most appropriate channel.

Any individual, who desires to improve his or her appearance, confidence & productivity levels and to move faster towards success and achievement of their goals, can contact Jyothi.

Image consultants are experts who help clients improve their personal or professional image. They assess, improve, and upgrade their clients’ look, conduct, and communication skills to ensure that their image matches their personal or professional objectives. Image consulting is the practise of assisting people in managing their image in order to lead more fulfilling personal, professional, and social lives. It focuses on assisting clients in making the best use of their personal resources, such as their wardrobe, grooming habits, behavioural skills, and communication, in order to achieve their goals in every position they play in life. It is the process of determining how a person’s physical appearance affects their professional image.

Many life coaches and personal brand managers also practice as image consultants. Book an Appointment

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