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Dr. Kavita Bhargava | Healing Therapist

  • About Me:
    Dr. Kavita Bhargava is an accomplished Psychologist, IMDHA Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Regression Therapist by Tasso-Netherlands, Psychologist (Gold Medalist), Certified Competency Mapping Manager, Trainer, Mentor and Supervisor for Regression Therapists having 12 years of work experience.
  • Brief Description:
    We provide top service in the following categories: Adolescent Counseling, Behavior Modification, Counseling Services, Age Regression Therapy, Inner Child Healing.
  • Credentials:
    Gold Medalist In Psychology
  • Testimonials:
    1) When I went to Dr. Kavita that time my condition was like a goal less, helpless and a depressed person. Altogether it was a bad condition. After meeting with her for the first time, I found that she can change my condition. On the very first day she listened to all my problems and made an action plan for me. She started giving me positive thoughts that brought changes in my daily life. She is someone who knows how things can be worked out for a depressed person. She has a solution for all the problems. I have now changed a lot in the sense that I have positivity in my life and know that I can live my live in a better way. I appreciate Dr. Kavita a lot for this and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.-D.K. Sharma, Hotelier, Ajmer 2)Hi, I am feeling very nice after talking to you. Your intent to help, absence of prejudice, the way you heedfully listen and your tenderness is felt. I never correlated my current situation with my childhood, thanks for this pointer. I liked it when you said, "I have reserved time for you."- Thanks for this.-Hrishikesh, IT Professional, Hyderabad. 3) I was just writing a testimonial about u .. then realised how much I miss talking now... the moments that changes you can never be forgotten .. so I count them in meaningful conversations too. Haha and also now that i reflect back.. I realised that I am a completely different person now... like not even kidding. I realise how different I am today than I was back then almost 2 different people... Today I am someone I always wanted to be (secretly) ,and not ashamed of it. Never thought I would be able to reach here. Thank you... Because u made me everything that I wrote in that paper which I gave to u the first time ... n even more... I now believe nothing is impossible.-P. Rathore, Student, Jaipur.
  • Opening Hours:
    11.00 am to 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm on Weekdays and Saturday

Dr. Kavita Bhargava: Healing Therapist

Dr. Kavita Bhargava is a healing therapist who specializes in I/O Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Trans-Personal Regression Therapy, Past Life Regression, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Redial Healing, Metaphor Therapy, Bhagwat Geeta as Psychotherapy, TA-CDT, CBT, Competency Mapping.

She also provides professional courses for Psychologists, Counselors, Therapists, all those who wish to become Professional Mind Therapists.

She provide services like

1) Adolescent Counseling

2) Behavior Modification

3) Counseling Services

4) Age Regression Therapy

5) Inner Child Healing

6) Enhancing Belief Systems

7) Fear and Phobia Management

8) Pain Management

9) Sexuality and Relationship Counseling

10) Emotional Management Technique



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