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C K Arora | Happiness Coach

  • Brief Description:
    1. Speaking Business :- a) Professional Speaking, b) Public Speaking, c) Motivational Speaking, 2. Coaching Business:- a) Happiness Coaching, b) Business Coaching, c) Laughter Coaching, d) CEO Coaching, e) Life Coaching 3. Training Business :- Some of the training Programs we deliver : a) RISE (Result Inspired Speaking for Enterprises), b) SHINE (Self Happiness Inspired by Never Ending Energy), c) The Leadership Formula d) Mind Engineering, e) The Success Formula, f) The Business Growth Formula g) “Laugh Lines” - 15 hours (10 sessions x 1.5 hours) Happiness and Fitness program delivered over 3 weeks
  • Credentials:
    Happines Coach, Keynote Speaker
  • Testimonials:
    1. Very inspiring to know about Mission Abundance and your methodologies towards coaching & mentoring. Wish you more success and achievements. 2. What an inspiring, motivating and getting to know you personally session!! We in turn thank you for your trust and support and do look forward to our association forever. Very impressive CK. Wish you all the best for spreading awareness of achieving abundance to as many as possible. 3. Thank you so much for enlightening us on your inspiring journey. Every word, every sentence you have spoken is a like a guiding star in times of difficulty. I’m frankly incorporating every bit of your power-packed positive energy imparted in this interview Sir. Thank you team HNH for bringing forth such heightened personality in our life. 4. Wow very impressively moderated and very interesting to know about Mr. Arora and his achievements. 5. I have known CK as an inspiring project manager managing large teams. He was also adept in managing complex client relationships. His team was one of the most productive and happy teams in the organisation. 6. A successful leader emerges from mentee to mentee relationship, rather than mentor and mentee relationship. Our coach CK Arora is following the same with his students to create a inspiring leaders. 7. Mr CK Arora, is a standing testimonial for commitment, humbleness, ever learning attitude, ever evolving, ageless multi talented human being and a legend in his own style. His journey is inspiring to me. Also what I liked is hand holding someone until they see shore of success not many coaches do that. It is coaching what makes someone extraordinary today in high competition life. There are many things to learn from you. Need to read your interview again and again. You seem to have alien features in you.
  • Opening Hours:
    10.00 Am to 10.00 Pm on Monday to Saturday & Sunday. (Any time with prior appointment)

C K Arora | Happiness Coach

In his coaching and mentoring practice, his focus is on getting people to realize their full potential in all aspects of their lives. He has groomed thousands of entrepreneurs and their teams to enhance their personal and professional capabilities and competencies.

In his capacity as a Motivational Speaker, he inspires and motivates his audience to perform better by presenting a succinct, motivational and inspiring message. He encourages his participants to make a positive change in their lives so that they can measure their own progress and succeed right from the next day.



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