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Educational Counsellor

  • Brief Description:
    NLP Training & Counselling, Memory Training, Multiple intelligence consultant, Child & Parent consultant, Career Counselling
  • Credentials:
    NLP Training & Educational Counsellor
  • Testimonials:
    1. The methodology used in counsellings is appropriate and is to make people change and relook their life's vision. Mr. Sawant is a magnanimous person of virtue. Thanks for the support. 2. Thanks to Shree Excellence For improving of our child not only for individual peraonality It is also good for Nation Keep it up Make every one to genious and more contribute for society, for himself and over& above for the nation We need the perfect growth of our child Once again thanks 3. Excellent .
  • Opening Hours:
    10.00 am to Weekdays & Weekends

Counsel students regarding educational issues such as course and program selection, class scheduling, school adjustment, truancy, study habits, and career planning. Confer with parents or guardians, teachers, other counselors, and administrators to resolve students’ behavioral, academic, and other problems. An educational counselor is a counselor who works with school students in a school environment. Schools now hire educational counselors to assist special needs children with their studies, provide career counselling, child bullying, based on the options available to students and also help students with their personal issues.


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