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Dr. Pratibha Yadav | Consultant Psychologist

  • About Me:
    Dr. Pratibha Yadav is a consultant psychologist, hypnotherapist and certified career counsellor who provides her client an empathetic and supportive environment to share their concern. She is running her own clinic AUM WELLNESS CLINIC in Ahmedabad Gujarat
  • Credentials:
    Associated with Serac Education Pvt.Ltd, Mumbai Certified career counsellor from Ollato Serac Education Pvt. Ltd. which is affiliate with: • Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA) • Counsellor Council of India (CCI) • Bhartiya Counselling Psychological Association (BCPA)DR. Pratibha Yadav is awarded Ph.D from DAVV University (Indore), done her one year Diploma course in clinical & Applied Hypnosis from MS University (Badodara, Gujarat) , PG. in Clinical Psychology from DSVV University (Hardwar). Hospital (Delhi). She has also worked as a trainee in VIMHANS She has completed the required counselling/therapeutic training at VIMHANS Hospital (Delhi), worked as a Consultant Psychologist & Hypnotherapist with many Psychiatrist, GIPS Psychiatric Clinic & De-addiction Centre, Columbia Asia Hospital in Ahmadabad, Aashraya child psychological centre, Kanpur (UP) and running her own clinic AUM WELLNESS CLINIC in Ahmadabad. She has contributed as a key member (Psychologist) in interview panel i.e IIT Gandhinagar (Gujarat) candidate selection for HPCL company (2016) and Indian Army School, Hanuman Camp, Ahmedabad
  • Testimonials:
    Dr. Pratibha helps me to recognise my issues, understand them,so I can be able to live a happy and peaceful life. Her help has been exceptional. If you wish to understand the power of your inner mind then you should take the hypnosis session from her. You will be able to come out of any situation if you take session with Dr. Pratibha. Thanks a lot for your great support. Accessible, I felt heard. The sessions were also positive and sort of motivating “Aum Wellness Clinic” A One Stop Solution, A really easy process and good experience, I found the online consultation with Dr Pratibha much more convenient, My issues were properly taken into consideration step wise and resolved appropriately. Wide discussion with doctor could relief me and her consultation gave me more confidence in my own. I suggest the service rendered to me was fruitful. Regards Vineeta. Dr Pratibha always made me feel comfortable whenever I had sessions with her. Thanks for helping me to improve my mental health and progressively physical health. Appreciate her help. Highly recommended. Ruchi
  • Opening Hours:
    Morning 10:00 to 12:00 Evening 5:00 to 7:00 and 8:00 to 10pm

Dr. Pratibha Yadav:(Consultant Psychologist |Hypnotherapist)

Dr. Prathiba is specialized in hypnotherapy, gestalt therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, relaxation techniques, career counseling, and assessment, etc.

She has ample experience working with adult populations including those experiencing relationship issues, depression, anxiety, and increased stress due to various life circumstances.

Over 13 years of experience she has provided support and worked with couples and guided them through their relationship problems including affairs, divorce, stress, and any issue that occurs within a

Psychologists are trained professionals who work in the field of mental health. There are various sub-fields of psychology but the most common are clinical and counselling psychologists. Psychologists are trained and equipped to help people learn to cope with various life issues and mental health struggles. They take into consideration the client’s personality, values, family system, environment and life goals while helping them with issues like anxiety, depression, anger, eating disorders, mood swings, phobias,,Stress,Low Of Motivation,Emotional Blockage,Worry Management,Low Self Esteem,Loneliness,Low Performance,Workplace Stress,Sleeping Disorder,Lower Self Esteem, Low Concentration, communication and social issues, trauma, learning disabilities and even ADHD.

Clinical psychologists are also licensed to administered evaluative tests like personality inventories, aptitude tests, and other clinical tools that can help assess the client’s mental health status. Oftentimes psychologists have additional training and qualifications such as Clinical Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, NLP practitioners, EFT practitioners, life coaches and counsellors. 



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