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Dr. Kalyanashish Das | Child Counsellor

  • About Me:
    Dr. Kalyanashish Das is a Pediatrician with public health experience. He has been managing child health programs especially the Nutrition program and has been training community volunteers across different states of India.
  • Brief Description:
    We provide services in the following categories: Paediatricians Clinics, Vaccination Centres, Consultant Physicians, Restaurants With Offers, Children Vaccination Centres, Child Immunisation Doctors, Paediatricians For Infectious Disease, Paediatricians For Tonsillitis Treatment, Community Paediatricians.
  • Credentials:
    MBBS, Diploma in Child Health (DCH)
  • Testimonials:
    1. He needs no ratings. His commitment towards his patients and honesty towards his profesion speaks a lot about him. 2. I am a regular visitor to his clinic for my one year old daughter. We have visited various paeditrician in Delhi NCR in last one year but no doubt to say he is one of the best paeditrician of Delhi. Since birth my daughter has faced many health problems. Dr. Kalyan handled her case every time very deligently. He listens carefully to parents and take a note of all minutest details of the case and than suggest very practical solution. There are times when we were very disturbed because of my daughter health but by following his treatment, she managed to improve everytime. I never found him prescribing unnessesary medicine. These days I am also visiting him regular vaccination of my daughter. Would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Kalyan for being patient and caring for my daughter.3. I am associated with Dr. Kalyan who is our family paeditrician since last four-five year. I have regularly visited or consulted him for my children aged 5 years and 1 year. I have visited many clinics of Delhi NCR but found him one of the best Dr. who has handled case of my children very deligently. New parents always face confusion for which he is readily available. He precribe minimum medicine as per disease requirements. I am highly recomending for his services.
  • Opening Hours:
    2.30 Pm To 5.00 Pm & 9.00 Pm to 10.00 Pm On Weekdays & Weekends

Dr. Kalyanashish Das | Child Counsellor

Life coach, Motivational trainer, Stress management, Anxiety, depression, Phobias and OCDs, sleep management. ADOLESCENT counseling on Lifestyle management. Lactational counselor and Management of undernutrition of children. Spiritual practices can help you maintain a balance between mind and body.

Pay special attention to your physical and mental well-being spiritual practices like meditation can leave a positive impact on your mind and mood. Helps you express gratitude While you are performing any spiritual practice like mediation, try to do that in open spaces; spaces that give you the opportunity to spend time with nature. At last, don’t forget that spiritual development is about giving and sharing. Thus, never hesitate to invite a friend or host a support group.

Take this opportunity to encourage other people to build a strong spiritual connection help them tame their monkey minds and suggest ways to eliminate stress and anxiety. In times like the ones that are surrounding us all right now, maintaining inner peace along with physical fitness is very important. The world has been confined due to the COVID-19 and there is so much uncertainty surrounding the situation that most people are struggling to cope up with the same. This is precisely why we recommend people to undertake spiritual practices because they hold the potential to strengthen one’s physical and mental health.

Dr. Das is a Child specialist with long experience if working in public health spaces for mothers &children to achieve holistic health through the integration of mental, physical, and spiritual health to Child Bullying, achieve mind-body healing.

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