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Mukta Rastogi – Spiritual Healer

  • About Me:
    Mukta Rastogi is a Mumbai based, vibrant and intuitive Healer and Life Counselor. Trust, Faith and Belief in self are the magic mantras that she practices and ensures that miracles unfold in your life. Her goal is to simplify life and be open to learn from nature and imbibe it into our being.
  • Brief Description:
    Mukta Rastogi:(Chakra healer| Past life healer) is based in Mumbai. She specializes in various healing and counseling techniques like hypnotherapy and angle card Reading. Helping Clients to Heal from Past Experiences and Situations.
  • Credentials:
    She has over 10 years’ of experience as a Life Counselor and Healer. ● Be it Personal or Professional Self Development. ● Personal and Heath issues ● Emotional Well Being ● Relationship Management ● Confidence and Personality Development. ● Spiritual Healing through Meditation
  • Testimonials:
    Mukta, you have transformed our life, with your teachings we are able to create magic in most unpleasant or rigid environment also Love you so much for being in our life
  • Opening Hours:
    11 am to 7 pm-Monday-Friday

Mukta Rastogi – Spiritual Healer

Mukta Rastogi is a Mumbai-based, vibrant, and Intuitive Holistic Healer and Life Counsellor. Trust, Faith, and Belief in self are the Magic Mantras that she practices and ensure that miracles unfold in your life. Her goal is to simplify life and be open to learning from nature and imbibe it into our being.

She understands people. Mukta’s Professional journey, which started as an interest to know more about the human mind and emotions, turned into a Successful and Life-altering Profession for her. Over the years Mukta has had the opportunity to learn from the best masters and acquired diverse knowledge in various healing and counseling techniques

such as-

●      Certified Hypnotherapist, trained from CHII

●      Access Bars Practitioner trained by Gary Douglas and Dr. Ashish Narayana

●      Certified Past life regression therapist, trained by Dr. Brian  Weiss

●      Metaphor Therapist, trained with Kirti Bakshi

●      Angel Card Reader and Facilitator

●      Chakra and Aura Healer and Facilitator

●      Certified Energetic Facelift Therapist

●      Core Somatic Integration trained by Dr Rahjiv Naidu

Has helped over 300+ individuals to bring a positive shift in their outlook and Life style through personal counseling sessions

Has conducted 50+ workshops as well as talks and has positively influenced over 2000 lives.

Her Signature Workshops

●      I am Money (Opening up to the energy of financial abundance in life)

●      Abundance Actually ( All about the four pillars of abundance in life – health, finance, relationships, emotional wellbeing)

●      Chakra- View (Insights… Revelations… Freedom )

●      Learn how to be an Angel Card Reader ( Teaching and Training individuals to be Angel Card Readers )

●      Tools of Access Consciousness

●      In-joy with emotions

Organizes trips to various destinations, for self-discovery, awareness, growth, and empowerment

Her Core Mantra for Life

“We all have wings, let us realize, discover, spread them and fly”



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Mukta Rastogi