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Mahendra Thakur | Career Counselor

  • Brief Description:
    Parent Child Counselling Services, Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test Centres, Seminar Organisers, Parenting Workshops, Seminar Organisers For Institutes, Management Seminar Organisers, Parent Skill Training Centres
  • Credentials:
    He has qualified in Master of Business Administration Administration (MBA) and a Post Graduate Program in Business Management e-Business and Bachelor degree in Computer Science.
  • Opening Hours:
    11.00 Am To 6.00 Pm On Weekdays & Weekends

Mahendra Thakur | Career Counselor

Mahendra Thakur has realized that everyone has some or other impact on their respective childhood which has shaped their entire life. To ensure everyone’s childhood has a positive impact on their lives, he then started taking many programs for children and imparted the supporting belief systems, values and life skills.

He ensures that it remains a consistent process hence he started training parents on the same and so far trained more than 25000 parents on how to become conscious, effective, and positive parents and give a healthy, happy and joyful childhood.

Mahendra has founded a Global Community “ParenTribe” for this cause where all the like-minded parents come and learn together the art of parenting and there are many contributors on the panel who guide them on various parenting-related topics.

Career counsellors assist persons who have inquiries about various occupations and educational options. If you’re looking for work, working with a career counsellor can help you make the most of the planning and decision-making process, resulting in a job path that’s tailored to your specific needs. Some high school counsellors assist students in making college and career decisions. Others work in higher education, advising university students who are having trouble choosing a major or selecting what they want to do after graduation. Some counsellors focus on working with adults who have already entered the workforce. These people may seek the advice of a career counsellor because they are thinking about changing occupations, wish to grow in their existing jobs, or need help finding new work after being laid off.

You might want to visit a career counsellor if you are facing issues like work frustration, stagnation, lack of motivation or you’re looking to change your career path entirely. For students who are unsure of their next steps in their education journey, visiting a career counsellor would be advisable. Counsellors not only provide guidance and support, they also conduct aptitude and personality testing to assist the client in make the best suited choices.   Book an Appointment


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