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Does any of this sound familiar to you?

• I don’t know how to improve my performance at work
• I think I am not good
• How do I move to the next level in my career
• I am not able to manage my team/peers/customers
• How do I balance my work and personal life
• I am not enjoying my work –what should I do
• I want to change my career –how should I go about it
• I want to take an early retirement to pursue my interests
• I am due to retire soon and want to lead a productive life
• I am facing problems in my relationship with my partner/ children/ parents…
• I want to grow my business –what do I do to make it happen

The situation could be big or small –the outcome is same-we are unable to achieve what we want for ourselves.

My coaching sessions have helped my clients solve these problems by unlocking the answers and solutions within them. Over a period of time, through one to one conversations and with the help of multiple tools and techniques, I have supported clients in tiding over these challenges and in achieving their goals.

My ability to connect with people makes them feel comfortable to share and open up. Through my solution focused approach I am able to help them find their own answers and to move forward towards greater success.

My sessions have helped my clients in –

• Enhancing self confidence
• Having a better work life balance
• Opening up new career opportunities
• Enhancing effectiveness as a leader/Manager/Role holder
• Increasing self awareness
• Building relationships
• Enhancing self motivation
• Achieving life/career/relationship goals
• Enhancing Emotional Intelligence
• Discovering and maximizing their own potential

I am a MBA, Certified Coach, Certified Facilitator, have a certification in Psychometric Assessments and have been working with Senior Leaders, Managers, Executives and other individuals across hierarchies and organizations for the last 21 years helping them achieve their personal and professional goals.

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