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Kavita Kasbe | Astrologist | Kundli Reader

  • About Me:
    Mrs. Kavita Kasbe, is a modern outlook woman of versatile nature who is good in several fields including Vedic Shastra special subjects like Vaastu and Numerology.
  • Brief Description:
    Mrs. Kavita Kasbe:(Vaastu | Astrologist | Kundli Reader located in Navi Mumbai. She is highly qualified by various well-known teachers and experts in Vedic Vaastu and Numerology and possesses a large experience with successful results in helping clients with regards to their Kundli and Fortune.
  • Credentials:
    Unique personality and one of the most helpful, needful and qualified person in the world of Vaastu. Successfully practicing Vedic Vaastu,Numerology and Astro Vaastu since 10 years. She is highly qualified from various wellknown teachers and experts in Vedic Vaastu and Numerology and posses a large experience with success results.
  • Testimonials:
    I’m very Thankful to Mrs Kavita Kasbe for her guidence, her analysis is comprehensive, she gives honest opinions and explanation on the vaastu remedies, it is the power of knowledge which she has earned over the period. Her sincerity and professionalism is topnotch. With her advice, we were able to achieve our goals
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday

Mrs. Kavita Kasbe:(Vaastu | Astrologist | Kundli Reader)

The idea of Vastu Shree was conceived to Mrs. Kavita Kasbe while studying Vastu Shastra and thought why not apply our knowledge to the betterment of society. In the year 2009, she founded Vastu Shree and since then have been consulting and conducting lectures on Vastu Shastra and Numerology.

A unique personality and is one of the most helpful, needful, and qualified people in the world of Vaastu. Successfully practicing Vedic Vaastu, Numerology, and Astro Vaastu for 10 years. She is a highly qualified astrologist by various well-known teachers and experts in Vedic Vaastu and Numerology and posses a large experience with successful results. She has a very unique technique of Consultancy which has a scientific and spiritual base.

She analysis your kundali your name through Astro numero with your Vaastu which makes her distinct from others. She has a specialty in energy scanning with different scientific tools along with her spiritual sadhana she goes into the root cause and gives you optimum results with very effective Vedic remedies which are scientifically proved.

Along with this, she is involved in many social activities. Takes free sessions and lectures in various fields and different sectors in society on. Conduct workshops and seminars on Numerology and Vaastu shastra. She is also a holistic healer who practices Reiki and pranic healing, with different forms of meditation. She performs spiritual pooja and shudhikaran vidhi in vaastu, very down to the earth gives her best to give acquired results to her clients.

Combining traditional Vedic Vaastu shastra with a modern architect can change one’s cosmic path to give protection n security with brings stability and success in one’s life.

Our Ancient sages have founded Vastu Shastra for the welfare of mankind. They have shown us a proper path towards happiness through Vedic Shastra like Vastu and numerology (Ankashastra).

At Vastu Shree, we deal with Vastu consultancy for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors and provide guidance as per Vastu granthas.
Mrs. Kavita Kasbe being a master in Numerology, can help you discover your hidden powers and change your luck with the help of numbers.

She regularly writes articles in various magazines and also conducts lectures and free seminars to spread awareness among people on Vedic Vastu Shastra.
Apart from this all, she has also engaged herself for a social cause in society, to serve human beings.

Tarot Card Reading, General Fatigue, Emotional Healing, Emotional Blockage, Peace and Harmony, Astrology Spiritual, unresolved conflicts


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