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Ms. Seemaa Guptaa – Astrologer | Vaastu Expert

  • About Me:
    I also practice Vaastu, Numerology, Panic Healing, Yoga, Naturopath and give accurate prediction and remedies. I am pursuing PHD .
  • Credentials:
    Celebrity Astrologer and a Vaastu expert.
  • Testimonials:
    Session was really good, enjoyed it and found it useful :)
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday

Ms. Seemaa Guptaa – Astrologer | Vaastu Expert

Seemaa Guptaa:(Astrologer | Vaastu Expert) am a Celebrity Astrologer and a Vaastu expert. I start practicing astrology at a very early age . I find interests in spiritual things . I have the curiosity to know why , when and how it happened and I wants to know everything . I started learning astrology from my intuition and started giving prediction. Then I learnt KP Astrology from my Guru ji and then slowly and gradually my predictions started becoming true. Since 2012 I have been doing shows on Televisions and have several articles for various newspapers. In December 2013, my show LOVE EXPRESS started on the channel Metro Network. I have also been associated with other news channels.

Seema Guptaa, Entrepreneur ,Astrologer , career guidance specialist , Relationship counsellor , Vaastu Expert , Blogger , Horoscope Reader , Numerologist , Naturopath , Psycho Practitioner , Panic Healer , Writer , Herbs specialist , Columnist , Color Panic Healer , Chakras Healer , Crystal Healer , Mantra expertise , Writer , Yoga Trainer , Life coach and Learner.

I can’t change your destiny. But I can design your destination. I can’t change your stars. But I can change your path.

An astrologer is a professional who is educated in the field of astrology – reading and interpreting horoscopes. Horoscopes are based on the movement or placement of astronomical bodies like planets and stars. Astrologers can read client’s birth charts to help them understand their past, present and also to some extent predict the future. Through birth charts, astrologers can also uncover an individual’s personality, characteristics and future prospects like marriage, family and wealth. Book an Appointment


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