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Lifestyle and behavior consultant

Lifestyle and behavior consultant


Product Description

Providing counseling related to lifestyle and Behavior related issues . Present status- working as Stress and lifestyle Consultant.
Consultant at Jindal Nature cure Institute (350 Beds), Bangalore
Consultant M.M. J. Hospital .
350+ Bedded, Maharaja Agersen Hospital, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi
Consultant D.R. Nature care hospital .
Providing Expertise to various corporate– Educational institutions along with
trainings to various health topics .(Details Attached)
Associated with several TV channels such as Pragya and N.D. TV News for
health and lifestyle related Shows.
Anger management/Managing conflicts
Parenting related Stress .
Separation, Divorce & Relationship Issues
Coping Strategies for Low Mood, Sadness and Depression.
Students and Adolescents Education Programmes
Study Techniques and Habits
Time Management and Routine Study
Exam Preparation and Paper Solving Techniques
Individual and Group Counseling Sessions for Students
Emotional, Psychological, Behavioral Counseling for student

Workshops and Lectures on Health and Behavior related issues.
Can provide expertise on Emotional wellness classes on specific issues such
as – Corporate Yoga, Man & Woman oriented Yoga classes, Group
Discussions on various topics etc
All my expertise is Strictly without the use of any type of medicines and based
on Behavior Modification therapy


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