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Aditi Gupta | Counseling Psychologist

Aditi Gupta | Counseling Psychologist


Product Description

Aditi Gupta | Counseling Psychologist

Aditi Gupta focuses on mental health and well-being. Her services include counselling, psychotherapy, and psychological assessments that are tailor-made to suit the individual’s needs.

She educates her clients regarding individual differences and to involved in self-introspection which helps them accept their feelings. The client is helped to empower themselves to deal with troubles and difficulties in their life.

She provides services like

1) IQ Assessments

2) Educational Assessment

3) Vocational Assessment

4) Parental Counselling & Guidance

5) Behaviour Modification

6) Career Counselling

7) Psychological-Biological-Social-Spiritual Counselling

8) Psychotherapy

9) Lifestyle Modification

10) Self Awareness & Esteem


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