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Ms. Kavita Sony – Marriage Counsellor – Child Specialist-Parenting Counsellor – Family Counsellor in Chembur, Mumbai

Ms. Kavita Sony – Marriage Counsellor – Child Specialist-Parenting Counsellor – Family Counsellor in Chembur, Mumbai


Product Description

Ms. Kavita Sony – Family Counsellor | Therapist in Chembur, Mumbai, India

Ms. Kavita is a Family, Relationships, Marriage and Child counsellor with more than a decade experience in 25year counselling and helping individuals to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Being a very calm and relaxed person with a charming social Aura, she is associated with Rotary Inner-wheel club of Mumbai, Nariman Point. She conducts impactful sessions for clients from all walks of life including students, hyperactive children, young couples, working professionals married couples or even elderly singles.

As a family counsellor Ms. Kavita help the couples/families in resolving their conflicts. In last few years, she has helped over 1000+ clients to attain clarity of purpose and set goals, gain self-confidence, rout away guilt and fears, resolve relationship issues, get rid of negative traits (like laziness, procrastination, inferiority complex), control anger, and worries, and achieve a positive, happy, and calm state of mind.

Through group workshops, she also coaches people on building a harmonious life and to be in peace with the surrounding and environment, how to understand special children’s need, to be compassionate and handle the special and hyperactive children. How to understand their problems, their thoughts, what trouble them more, what they want in result and help them plan for their future etc..

Ms. Kavita is passionate about her clients whether they are children or couple for resolving their family problems. Through Marriage counselling she imbibe from her clients about their understanding upon marriage and their view on happy marriage. She guides her client to successfully come out the situation and have peace between self and family.

Ms. Kavita believes that every family has unique problems,  If dealt diligently with care can be resolved from its root. Whether it’s child, adult, Senior person or couples when focused on positive version, can go a long way creating positivity around us in life. Her expertise includes the way she engage with clients of all age group,  listen to client’s issues then go deep to find the root cause of the problem and then help them in solving it easily to make their life smooth.

Marriage Counselling
“Marriage are made in heaven so is relationship,” but couples need to maintain it very delicately like they should understand simple thing before couples they are also a human being,but their choice can different from each other or can be same as well, so try to be positive in every situation and always support each for life time .

Teens’ parent
we as parents we always give them gyan but never try to understand them just want them to be like us but we forget that “every decade generations change “so we also need to mould ourselves”

(Young kids parents)
Parents play bigger role in their child life. Children’s are replica of their parents new generation don’t need to teach they copy their parents and their surroundings

(Special child) Every child is a special child ,so instead of tag them a “special” support them with their unique quality given by god and help them to grow in their life with lots of love n care



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