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Ms. Arpitha Mallara – Counselling Psychologist

Ms. Arpitha Mallara – Counselling Psychologist


Product Description

Ms. Arpitha Mallara – Counselling Psychologist | Embrace your Greatness

Ms Arpitha  is a counseling Psychologist with over 10+years of experience in the field. She helps people to overcome Mental health Issues, Gain Confidence, and live a fulfilling life. with her professional guidance, you can be on your way to healing and living your best life. Ms Arpitha embrace her greatness with a pleasant & keen knowledge of a Mater in Psychology from Kuvempu University in Shimogo. Along with a few valises of victories such as a Certificate in Expressive Arts therapy from Anugraha institute. Ms Arpitha is very passionate about children and this passion brought her a long way. She achieved knowledge, sparkle of CCAD(certified in child and development).

Ms Arpita believe each one is unique and should embrace their greatness. She is in a mission to help each individual to master their mental wellness. She has therapeutic sessions. She conducts Life Skill Session of 21 days. She work by art therapy when required.

Client Benefits:

1. Clarified and Confident Thinking in Subconscious Mind

2. Successfully dealing with undergoing Stress

3. Able to Manage & Encounter Stress

4. Change to Positive Habits

5. Understand self vision and structure

6. Achieve Goal of the vision

7. Workplace Stress

8. Sleeping Disorder

Psychologists are trained professionals who work in the field of mental health. There are various sub-fields of psychology but the most common are clinical and counselling psychologists. Psychologists are trained and equipped to help people learn to cope with various life issues and mental health struggles. They take into consideration the client’s personality, values, family system, environment and life goals while helping them with issues like anxiety, depression, anger, eating disorders, mood swings, phobias, communication and social issues, trauma, learning disabilities and even ADHD.


Clinical psychologists are also licensed to administered evaluative tests like personality inventories, aptitude tests, and other clinical tools that can help assess the client’s mental health status. Oftentimes psychologists have additional training and qualifications such as Clinical Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, NLP practitioners, EFT practitioners, life coaches and counsellors. Book an Appointment



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