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Mr Gaurav Om Tak – Astrologer

Mr Gaurav Om Tak – Astrologer


Product Description

Mr Gaurav Om Tak – Counselor | Astrologer |Numerologist |Healer | Tarot Card Reader

I do Counselling based on Numerology, Tarot Chakra and Aura. I do Healing based on Reiki, Lama Fera, Cosmic healing, crystal and sound therapy and healing.

Since from my childhood, I have been grown in a spiritual world, thanks to my parents for this upbringing. As the saying goes on- “the more you learn, the more you grow”.

Occultism always fascinate me as my father is also a good astrologer but left his hobby for fulfilling his duties. But I have made this as my passion and it gives me immense pleasure when I guide a person in his/her problems.

I started palmistry since when I was in primary school. And my thirst for learning more about occultism was growing and after mastering the subject I kept extending my knowledge in different modalities like Numerology, fortune telling cards and also different techniques of healing and Sound therapy and kept mastering the same.

I deal with the people having issues related to relationship, health issues, healing issues, counseling issues, Career issues, divorce issues, home energies issues etc. and give my 100% to resolve their problems so that they enjoy healthy & normal life.

My aim is to help people in getting the most and best throughout their life.

Freebies offered:

  1. For Cleansing & Healing particular part of the body: Beej Mantra (Matrikas) with mudra.
  2. Angel Guidance.
  3. Free group healing session for 15 mins.


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