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Mental Health Coach

Mental Health Coach


Product Description

I  work with clients who are going through mental stress, anxiety or depression. I use ‘Person-Centered Therapy’ , ‘Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy’ and ‘Family and Couple Therapy’ to help my clients overcome depression anxiety and mental stress. I customize the therapies for clients based on their comfort and effectiveness. I  know and has seen his clients improve to the extent that they do not need any anti-depressant based on the therapies I provide.

I also conducts a 5-session pre-martial program for couples who plan to get married. I touch on topics like the foundation of marriage, learning to love your spouse, the common causes of conflicts, how to handle conflicts, how to plan fun things that will help make your marriage fun, and other foundational topics.

The Marriage program is a 17-session program that does a deep root analysis to find out what is causing problems and conflicts between the spouses in the marriage and encourages them with helpful exercises and activities like ‘The Thankful exercise’ and various Communication activities in resolving the underlying issues.

I have coached over 100 clients and has over 1500 hrs of coaching/counseling clients with depression, mental health and also married couples and individuals who are going through problems and challenges in life.


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