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Akhilesh Maurya | Life Coach

Akhilesh Maurya | Life Coach


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Akhilesh Maurya | Life Coach

Akhilesh Maurya: He believes in the fundamental paradigm effect in human beings. He implements a co-active coaching method in my coaching session by asking thought-provoking powerful questions and enable the coaches to realize their true potential. He encourages my fellow coaches to search the inspiration within themselves by making them aware of the infinite intelligence of their subconscious minds.

We (Boost Thyself) are a venture that originated in Pune (India), which is driven by the motive to spread positivity and motivate an individual. Boost Thyself is a coaching & Training company that provides counseling, life coaching, motivational seminars & leadership coaching to its individual, corporate & institutional clients throughout India.

We are the venture that connects to you by our website, other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) with the only vision to spread positivity, inspire people and boost them towards a Better Life. Boost Thyself has successful events of open-mic under its very own banner called “ Shout – Show Out Your Talent” and plant the seed of our mission in cities like Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Jaipur, Delhi, Dehradun, Pune & Mumbai.

To meet the motto of the venture, we try to bring in variety as you would have loved it. We have different sections of blogs namely, Inspiration, Happiness, Life, and Spiritual on our website.


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