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Gangadhar Pathak | Hypnotherapist

Gangadhar Pathak | Hypnotherapist


Product Description

Dr. Gangadhar P ( Hypnotherapist)

is a renowed Clinical Hypnotherapist. He has been in this field for almost 18 years. He has taken several workshops/seminars on self-hypnosis, sleeping disorder, personality development, mind-controlling, memory technique (study technique). He has been able to touch and brought a change in about more than 4500 people’s lives with his expertise.

Dr. Gangadhar P deals with various aspects of Hypnotherapy such as :

Increased relaxation and the elimination of tension, Increased and focused concentration, Improved memory (hypermnesia).

Improved reflexes, reflexes, Increased self-confidence & effective pain control, control, Low Concentration, Improved sex life, Improved interpersonal relationships, the Slower aging process, enhanced career path.

Reduced levels of anxiety and depression, Overcoming bereavement

Elimination of headaches, including migraine headaches, Elimination of allergies, and skin disorders.

Strengthened immune system to resist any disease.

Elimination of habits, phobias, and other negative tendencies (self-defeating sequences).

Increased ability to earn and hold onto money.

Establishment and maintenance of harmony of body, mind &  spirit.

He tries to understand the client’s problem from his/her perspective & helps the person cope up with his/her circumstances with a positive attitude. Dr. Gangadhar P is kind, sensitive to the needs of the client. He is open-minded and explains the process in detail so that the client understands and believes in the method of healing used. Dr. Gangadhar P inspires and informs people, helping them to realize their true potential. His common-sense approach and deeply held beliefs have motivated countless thousands to reassess their attitudes.



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