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Dietician Consultant

Dietician Consultant


Product Description

Garima Goyal:(Dietician Consultant) Going by the Moto of ‘Creating healthy lives’, Dietician Garima wants to create a healthy world where people are fit and aware of the food they eat. Food is one of the basic needs for what we live and if we don’t follow the basic need in the right manner, then your whole body is at stake.  Garima believes “Weight is something, not everything, and is definitely not above your health.”

Dietician Garima is not only your coach, but a friend. She believes when you are a friend and a coach at the same time you can guide and motivate people to work on themselves in a much better way than otherwise. She believes “My clients and I are tires of the same car, which always move together and in the same direction. If one stops other stops.”

Dietician Garima has worked towards transformation of many lives with 100% success rate with personalized counselling and diet plans for each and every client. She understands your day to day routine, likes and dislikes. Your complete information is collected regarding anthropometric measurements, medical history and current health status and diets are planned accordingly.. Instead of making an entire shift in your daily diet, she just modifies your routine and makes a diet plan that suits the best. Dull skin, High Cholestrol,High Sugar, Lack Of Stamina, Lower Immunity, Weight gain, Weight Gain

Let us understand you to make your food preferences better and work together as a team towards a better you!

Be ready for the transformation you have always wanted!


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