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Counselling Psychologist

Counselling Psychologist


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Niharika Srivastava:(Counselling Psychologist)

From a young age, Niharika knew she wanted to help others. After exploring various careers, she finally found her calling when she became a certified Mental Health Professional in 2017, since then she hasn’t looked back since.

Over the years, Niharika has gathered a diversified background of experience working with adolescents and adults with a range of psychological vulnerabilities.

Niharika provides a comprehensive set of services to help boost your confidence and offer support as you navigate your personal health and wellness challenges. We work with clients closely in order to achieve measurable results that allow them to push forward with a new, positive mindset.

a. Individual Counselling – Individual counselling is a process through which clients work one-on-one with a trained mental health clinician in a safe, caring, and confidential environment.

b. Group Counselling – Group therapy is a type of psychological therapy that is conducted with a group of people, rather than between an individual and mental health professional. Usually, people in the group are facing similar issues, like anxiety or addiction.

c. Couple/ Family Counselling – Couple/Family Counselling seeks to improve the interactions & resolve conflicts between the couple or among members of a family in order to improve their functioning both as a unit and as individuals.

d. Clinical Hypnotherapy –  It is a form of adjunctive technique that utilizes hypnosis to aid in the treatment of different specific symptoms or conditions. It is sometimes used as part of a treatment plan for phobias and other anxiety disorders. It is also sometimes used for pain management, worry management, weight loss, smoking cessation, and a variety of other applications.

I deal with the following mental health concerns :

a. Stress Management

b. Anxiety & Healthy Coping

c. Depression & Loneliness

d. Personal Growth / Self Exploration

e. Relationships

f. Child & Adolescent

g. Work/ Academic Pressure and Career

h. Trauma resolution

i. Aggression and Anger

j. Eating, food & body issues

k. Self Esteem & Confidence

l.Sleeping Disorder


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