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Pallavi Sharma | Astrologer

Pallavi Sharma | Astrologer


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Pallavi Sharma | Astrologer

About Tarot Reading For Better Living – There have been times in everyone’s life where we all encounter crossroads and face dilemmas as to which path to take. Sometimes, we are not able to understand what circumstances were or are against us, and due to this sheer ignorance piles of problems crop up one day and we really don’t know how to go with it.

At that time, tarot provides a great insight into how to deal with such issues by providing potential outcomes and what influence the person and situation. The 78 cards in the tarot deck give us direction and fresh perspective on one’s life desires, struggles, goals, and relationships, illuminating overlooked pathways for success. It is a guide through our conscious allowing us to view the options and choose the better path.

Crystal Healing for Better Living -Crystals are naturally mineralogical formations that have been part of our Earth since its formation, as most of them grow deep down inside the earth’s crust. Due to this, they are considered as record keepers of the earth they hold memory for its entire existence and have considerable knowledge. It is said that they have been first discovered thousands of years ago.

The ancient civilizations used crystals to guide their spiritual journeys and assist in healing bodily ailments and also for therapeutic purposes. But again, it’s not a substitute to health care professionals as it can only heal one on a spiritual and energetic level, which in turn translates itself into the physical.


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