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Life Coach | Leadership Coach Mind Power Coach

  • About Me: In my pursuit of helping people and assist them to achieve self-mastery, I created Individual Learning plans while coaching 15 individuals (individuals were part of the fellowship) in their journey. The plan really helped them as it outlined Short Term Goals, weekly milestones, action plan, Strategy to overcome obstacles, and review with a high accountability system.
  • Credentials: ICF certified Coach, Specialises in Life Coaching (Wellness, Relationship, Career, Purpose, and Fulfilment) and Leadership at Work. 360 Global Leadership Assessment Certfication to builf effectiveness in organization and leadership styles. Also, founder of 3 programs : 52 DAYS WELLNESS PROGRAM 52 DAYS HAPPINESS PROGRAM 52 DAYS OVERCOME FEAR PROGRAM
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday
  • Testimonials: Customers has always been interesting experience.

Anubha Duhan:(Life Coach | Leadership Coach) I become that tool for you that would assist you in discovering self, overcoming any fear, mindsets that are currently blocking you and taking away what you desire. I believe in you as much as I believe in self and the science of Coaching.

I play different roles in order to support you, push you, thought partner with you and challenge you. I have always been very reflective and observant. I love what I do and I see results. And that makes me more enthusiastic about helping people like you.

Coaching is an art, an effective tool, and science when applied makes an individual discover true self, tap the potential , overcome fear and achieve results faster without delaying much.

It is action oriented. Actions translate into results. And in order to achieve more, I believe one must be in sync with self : saying, doing and believing (head, heart, hand). Therefore my NLP techniques and strategies makes the process even more effective for clients , they (a) Diagnose where they are currently (b) Envision where they would like to see themselves (c) Become self-aware (d) Use self awareness to achieve their Goals.

I allow the clients to gain awareness of the patterns that have been working and patterns that are no longer serving them thereby creating habits and patterns to support them.

Coaching is not about just working on your Goals, it is also about working on self (personal transformation).

Are you ready to invest time and energy on SELF?

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