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Mind & Emotional Heath
11 Services
Anger Management
Lack of Concentration
Chronic Fatigue
Sleep Disorder
Trauma & Healing
Obscession and Compulsion
Diet and Nutrition
7 Services
General Fatigue
Weight Loss
Weight Gain
Dull Skin
Low Immunity / Lack of Stamina
High Cholestrol
High Sugar 8. Sexual Wellness
Family & Relationship
7 Services
Children Bullying
Couple Issues
Marital Harmony
Old Age Parents
Dating & Relationship Issues
Separation 8. Family Planning
Self Help & Work
7 Services
Work Life Balance
Workplace Pressure & Stress
Lack of Growth & Opportunities
Fear of Public speaking
Low Performace
Self Image & Leadership Skills
Career Planning
Spiritual Healing
8 Services
Self Discovery
Unresolved Conflicts,
Stress,Anxiety,Fear and Worry Management
Lack of Motivation, Low Self-esteem , Loneliness
Removal of Emotional Blockages
Emotional Healing
Peace & Harmony
Yoga & Meditation
Financial Planning
7 Services
Lack of Income for Lifestyle Expenses
Home Buying
Higher Education
Expenses Marriage Expenses
Personal Loans & Debt Management
Retirement Planning
Credit Cards Bills Management