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Why Marriages Fail?

Why Marriages Fail?

In many Indian cultures, marriages are considered a sacred bond. It is the union of two souls that is meant to bring happiness, purpose, and peace in life. After all, when Adam felt lonely and depressed, God created Eve to provide companionship and lift each other’s spirits

Sadly, the definition of marriage has been twisted and broken down. It is no longer considered as a sacred and important institution. Rather, it is seen as an unnecessary obligation that brings chaos, frustration, and confusion.

Whether these changing dynamics are positive or negative, we cannot say. However, it is beneficial to explore plausible reasons why marriages fail.

Period of Awakening

Divya endured 27 years of domestic violence, silenced by societal pressure to maintain her family’s image. In 2022, she bravely filed for divorce, leaving her abusive marriage behind. Her story highlights how times are changing.

Abuse is no longer seen as something to be tolerated. More people are now demanding relationships based on love, respect, and equality. This shift is due to greater self-awareness and better access to resources.

Support systems like hotlines, shelters, and counseling are more available now, helping victims leave abusive marriages.

Shifting Gender Roles

Traditional gender roles are getting a serious makeover these days, and it’s shaking things up in relationships. Men dressing in traditionally feminine styles and women embracing masculine energy are now more common, challenging the old norms that once kept a certain balance.

This shake-up has led to some real tension. Men are often seen as having lost their chivalrous side, the “knight in shining armor” who provides and protects. Meanwhile, women embracing independence and career ambitions can be viewed as losing their femininity, with homemaking sometimes unfairly labeled as weak or “jobless.”

These changes can lead to couples clashing over their roles. Instead of appreciating each other’s contributions, they might end up demeaning them. This can cause conflicts and misunderstandings, which, if left unresolved, can ultimately lead to divorce.

But here’s the fun twist: this role reversal isn’t all bad! It’s opening up new ways for couples to connect and support each other. When both partners share responsibilities and appreciate each other’s strengths, it can actually strengthen their bond.

So, while traditional gender roles are being challenged, the key is to communicate and respect each other’s choices. Embrace the changes and find a new balance that works for your relationship. It’s not about sticking to old roles but about finding what makes your partnership strong and happy.

Social Media

Social media, once a way to connect and share, has now become a hotspot for insecurities, causing real issues in modern relationships and marriages. Couples often argue about posting pictures of each other or following strangers on Instagram, leading to unnecessary drama and misunderstandings.

When one partner doesn’t post about the relationship, the other might feel neglected or unimportant. This can create a rift, as nobody wants to feel like a secret in the digital age. Plus, following and liking strangers’ posts can stir up jealousy and suspicion. It’s like inviting drama into your relationship with a simple double-tap!

Comparing your relationship to those “perfect” couples online is another big problem. Remember, most people only share the highlights, not the fights over dirty dishes or the stress of daily life. Trying to live up to these unrealistic standards can leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed when reality doesn’t match up.

Then there’s the distraction factor. Instead of spending quality time together, couples might be glued to their phones, scrolling through endless feeds. This can lead to emotional disconnection, making it harder to maintain a strong bond.

In a nutshell, social media can turn small insecurities into big relationship problems. To keep your marriage strong, communicate openly, set social media boundaries, and focus on the real moments that make your relationship special. And remember, no amount of likes or followers can replace genuine love and connection

Increasing Stress

Surviving in the 21st century is no easy feat. The world feels like it’s falling apart, and everyday life has become an expensive struggle. With bills piling up, so does the stress. A recent survey found that 60% of fights between couples are about money.

Different spending habits, incomes, and financial goals cause arguments, tension, and resentment. Chasing material things has overshadowed what truly matters in a relationship: quality time, trust, and support.

Life is especially hectic in metropolitan cities. Couples work all day, come home exhausted, watch a few reels, and go to sleep. In these busy schedules, there’s no time for romance or meaningful conversations, which adds to marital stress and paves the way for dull marriages.

Health concerns are rising too, adding more stress. Poor diets, lack of exercise, and insufficient sleep are taking a toll on both mental and physical health. When couples are constantly stressed and unwell, it becomes even harder to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

All these factors combine to create a challenging environment for modern marriages.

How Can Couples Therapy Help?

Yes, marriages are falling apart, but yours doesn’t have to. Every relationship faces hard times, and many couples contemplate divorce. However, staying committed and going the extra mile for your marriage can make a huge difference.

86% of couples who have opted for marriage counseling claim that their relationship has become a lot better, and they feel happy with their partners.

Counseling gives a safe space for couples to discuss their feelings, concerns, and thoughts. The unbiased and objective assessment of the marriage counselor helps to identify the key issues and any individual behavioral problems that may be affecting the marriage.

The marriage counselor then provides effective strategies and guidance to resolve those issues and bring the couple closer together. The ultimate aim of marriage counseling is to help couples build their relationship on mutual understanding, trust, respect, and love.

If you want to give your marriage a fair chance and go the extra mile to reconnect with your partner then consult with a certified marriage counselor at Holistic Living Wellness Studio.

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