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The Role of Nutrition – Comparing Dietitians and Nutritionists

The Role of Nutrition – Comparing Dietitians and Nutritionists

Choose Nutrition and Know the Difference

Many people confuse between dieticians and nutritionists and do not know whom to approach for a particular problem. The two professionals indeed work on a similar platform. However, their area of expertise stands ever so slightly varied. They are also different in terms of education, qualifications and roles.

It is significant to recognize the difference between the two to avail their services accurately. Dieticians may be regarded as nutritionists, but nutritionists cannot call themselves dieticians.

The Difference between Dietician and Nutritionist

nutritionThe first notion you need to understand is that the term ‘dietician’ is a regulated one compared to ‘nutritionist’. Dieticians need to possess specific professional prerequisites and a sanctioned licence. These regulations are because dieticians operate in the field of medicine and diagnosis. Conversely, nutritionists may be self-taught and can work without genuine qualifications. Therefore, unlike dieticians, nutritionists are less likely to be protected by the law.

Dieticians deal with both healthy and sick individuals diagnosed with chronic ailments. They are trained to advocate nutritional well-being while treating medical conditions by employing medical nutrition therapy. Nutritionists, on the other hand, work only with relatively healthy individuals. They do not tend to treat those suffering from ailments like diabetes or blood pressure. They primarily promote healthy eating habits to attain a balanced or holistic lifestyle.

nutritionThe most notable amongst dieticians and nutritionists is their work environments. Dieticians are employed in a medical setting, such as hospital, clinic, pharmacy or insurance companies. Nutritionists work in commercial settings like wellness centers, restaurants, cafeterias or even government agencies. The difference between the two also lies in their roles which we will discuss later.

Whom to Consult to Lose Weight

The most suitable doctor for losing weight would be a registered dietician who specializes in nutrition. During treatment, the dietician will divulge into your consumption habits and provide specific counselling. Additionally, they will assist in determining a realistic amount of weight to be lost. Finally, you will work with the doctor to set the required goal while designing a diet plan to cater to your needs.

A dietician begins by incorporating a holistic approach to life. Consequently, they plan a healthy and nutrient-based diet to efficiently lose weight naturally. They will ensure that you lose only the unwanted fat and not any muscles whatsoever. Such an approach helps in integrating lasting positive changes to the daily lifestyle. It also comforts those with persistent health issues, like eating disorders, diabetes and the like.

Medical therapy does not end with a single visit to the dietician. You will need to schedule a session at regular intervals such that the attending doctor can track the progress. This also enables the dietician to make changes to the plan based on the progress. Depending on how well you do, they may adjust the amount of weight to be lost per month. They do not prescribe diets as they are not educated in medical nutrition therapy.

The Significance of Dieticians and Nutritionists

Dieticians can provide superior medical nutrition therapy and counselling to meet the needs of any individual efficiently.  They advise you on what to consume to lead to a wholesome life and achieve desired health-related goals. Dieticians are crucial in monitoring and supervising the diet of individuals with medical conditions such as diabetes, allergies or gastro-internal disorders. They recommend you corrective food habits regarding your health, lifestyle, potential ailments and food preferences.

The primary objective of a nutritionist is to help their clients reach the optimal health goal. They carry this out by providing essential advice about food choices. They also offer guidance on general health issues related to weight management, vegetarianism and similar topics.  They are indispensable in public and community health.

Identifying the right doctor to treat you is of extreme significance at all instances. This knowledge will help you without setbacks whenever you face a medical issue. The desire to lose weight and live a wholesome life is a widespread one. However, all doctors, no matter the condition, except chronic ailments, advise you to adopt a healthier lifestyle rather than relying on medication.

The benefits of adopting a holistic approach to life are indeed immense. Getting better by implementing natural remedies is always better than artificial methods. Nor sure how to embrace a holistic lifestyle? Schedule a session with the experts at The Holistic Living platform, reserve a coaching session or read some blogs to gain knowledge. Also, check out our wellness store that houses numerous products to assist in holistic living.

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