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Sanjeev Padmanabhan | Transaction Psychologist

  • About Me:
    Dr.Sanjeev Padmanabhan R, practicing House Surgeon at Dr.D.Y.Patil Hospital, Goa is a Certified Access Bars and Facelift Facilitator, Neurolinguistics Programming Coach, Transaction Psychologist, Hypnotherapist.
  • Credentials:
    More than 10 years of experience
  • Testimonials:
    My customers really appreciate my work and found very faithful and satisfactory to my knowledge.
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Friday

Dr. Sanjeev Padmanabhan:(Neurolinguistics Programming Coach, Transaction Psychologist, Hypnotherapist)

His vision is to invite a Reality of possibilities for people across the earth for a greater life for everyone.

Sanjeev works across India as a healer and conducts classes and sessions in person.

He is the founder of Your Growth Story. He is known for his sense of humor, communication skills, and rapport building.

He has also conducted workshops on Powerful Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Power of the subconscious mind, conflict resolution.

These classes remove the blocks in the particular area of life and invite people to thrive.

Dr. Sanjeev trains people to bring this change in their lives that they know is possible.

His background in Panic and Reiki learning, Access body processes, and other energy healing modalities has equipped him to work with bodies to come out of diseases and choose a greater possibility for them. His medical knowledge adds to his intuitive skills and energy healing work with clients and patients with whom he has got rapid healing results.

Dr. Sanjeev is the founder of Your Growth Story, a counseling and Motivational service.

Dr. Sanjeev facilitates people to provides a thriving and empowering world to live in.


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