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Merit Talks | Psychologist

  • Brief Description:
    Stress Management,Personal Counseling, Marriage & Relationship, Parent child relationship Problem.
  • Credentials:
    Maitreyee has qualified in MBA, MHRM & MA.
  • Testimonials:
    1. "Didi. That's how I address Maitreyee Didi. I address her so because she cares not just for me but for all living beings. She wants a world filled with humanity, joy and happiness. In order to achieve it, she is working hard to remove stress, panic attack, anxiety and trauma from the lives of people. She loves birds and nature. She communicates with them through her camera. She contributes in her own way to make the world, a better place to live. Continue your good works, didi. We are always with you!...." 2. "I really loved this session, you are very very friendly and sweet. It made things very smooth for me.... " 3. "Your nature is an honest hopeful genuinely generous and class apart one. It's practically rare to find one like you in this big bad world of self centred soul ..." 4. "She is very caring !! She tries to go to the bottom of the problem , understands and give solution based on her Academic foundation and previous Experience with similar patients...."
  • Opening Hours:
    Morning - 7:30 Am To 2:30 Pm & Evening - 6:30 Pm To 11:30 Pm On weekdays & Weekends

Merit Talks | Psychologist

MERIT-TALKS is a Corporate Training establishment in Pune, India with more than plus 8 years of experience in diverse fields of Technical as well as Behavioral Training. With its tried and true system, based on experiences shared by our trainers, MERIT-TALKS pride itself on setting up high standards of effective deliverance in Behavioral as well as Technical training to its clients.

MERIT-TALK’S training sessions are meticulously planned by the trainers and are designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency within the limited available time.



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