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Chetali Chhajalani | Peak Performance Coach

  • Brief Description:
    Chetali Chhajalani | Peak Performance Coach | Life Coach from Madhya Pradesh. She works on identifying your Personal, Professional, or Relationship Goals
  • Credentials:
    Internationally Certified Life Coach
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  • Opening Hours:
    10 AM to 6 PM - weekdays 11-5 weekends

Chetali Chhajalani | Peak Performance Coach.

Life coaching is a phenomenal concept which focuses on the present, and the future by bridging the two successfully. It is often confused with Therapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, etc which apparently has no correlations. Life coaching is a process of unshackling, through which you master accessing your wisdom and emotional intelligence, while also taking it further to all aspects of life. As a life coach, Chetali helps you identify your personal, professional, or relationship goals.

Each year millions join the workforce with the hope of having great careers. Many get placed successfully; while several remain unemployed or dissatisfied with the choices they made or are stressed to keep pace with the world.

A few of the questions causing a traffic jam of ideas and thoughts in your mind could be:

How can I have a better work-life balance?
How do I have better relationships with people around me?
Which career is better for me?
How can I improve my social profile?
How can I fit into the corporate environment better?
How do I fulfill my dreams?
How do I live a happy, fulfilling, and successful life?
How can I improve my personality & communication skills?
How can I be a better leader?
How can I communicate with my boss, who is so aggressive?

​She believes each of us deserves to live a more aware, happy, and beautiful life. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, You have come to the right place to live your life at full potential and build a career that suits your strengths and needs. If you have a dream, and the passion to live it through; She invites you to get out of your comfort zone and get into action today!




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