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Mr. Manish Bajpayee – Mental Health Specialist

  • About Me:
    I have an experience of over 20 years as a Consulting Psychiatrist and have worked in various departments related to psychological and mental health issues.
  • Credentials:
    • M.B.B.S. from Pune University in 1989 • M.D. (Psychiatrist) from Pune University in 1996
  • Testimonials:
    My customers really appreciate my work and found very faithful and satisfactory to my knowledge.
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday

Mr. MANISH BAJPAYEE:(Mental Health Specialist) 

I am a consultant in Pune with over 20 years of extensive clinical experience in assessing and treating clients with a range of psychological problems and other mental health related issues. A troubled mind is sure to wreck one’s life and make it miserable. It is ideal to solve problems and not live with them. Know, sort, solve and resolve your problems to make your life a blissful one. I am fully committed to getting my clients back to their feet by analyzing their problems getting to the root of it and effectively help them in dealing with it. I offer optimal treatments to my clients of all age groups from child to adolescent, young and old at my full fledged clinic in Pune and make their lives a more normalized and a relaxed one.

Mental Health Specialist

The services offered at Dr. Manish Bajpayee clinic a premium clinic for Psychiatry in Pune is based on appointment to ensure adequate and sufficient session time for an effective consultation. As one of the best psychiatrists in Pune, I ensure that all the sessions with the patients are effectively designed and the best proven therapies are followed which includes traditional, modern and complementary or alternative treatments. The privacy of clients is the topmost priority and confidentiality is maintained during all interactions. You can entrust your problems with me so that I can help you bring back peace and harmony back in your troubled life.

You can resolve emotional uses by adjusting specific areas of your life that make you vulnerable by consulting a psychotherapist. These individuals are either licenced counsellors or psychologists with a specialisation in psychotherapy. A psychotherapist can help those who are suffering from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or other related ailments. 

They aid in the treatment of psychological difficulties that have developed throughout the course of your life. They’ll go back to your childhood and talk about various life events up until now to get a good picture of how you were shaped and impacted. You will gain a clearer picture of your emotions, actions, and thoughts. Unlike counselling, this is a long-term procedure that identifies emotional disorders associated with personal histories and life obstacles. You’re more likely to emerge enlightened and with a stronger ability to take control of your life.

Psychotherapists usually hold a psychology degree, but psychotherapy is also available as an independent certification. Professionals without a psychology degree would not be able to diagnose clinical issues, however they may be trained to provide therapy in the presence of clinical concerns. Book an Appointment


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