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Ms. Himani Bishnoi |Mental Health Professional

  • About Me:
    I am a self driven individual and passionate about serving others. Being a Psychologist has been a catalyst for my own internal growth as well. I feel deeply for children and their well being and being intrinsically motivated to offer my services, has been my goal. I am fond of writing and penning down my thoughts. Besides that, I like to expand my knowledge and learn about different things. Perspectives interest me.
  • Brief Description:
    Working with children with neurodevelopmental concerns, atypical needs as well as those with emotional and behavioral concerns. I have been involved in assessment, supportive counselling and therapeutic interventions for children and adolescents. Special education has also been a part of my professional domain as I worked as an early intervention therapist in a child intervention centre. Play therapy, CBT, parent guidance and career guidance are some of the interventions that I have been trained for.
  • Credentials:
    | Gold medallist RCI certified Child and Adolescent Psychologist | NET qualified | Certified for Training for trainers and assessors by ARI institute for merchant navy | Online diploma for educators by Alison |
  • Testimonials:
    Feedback from a Parent: "I got to know of Ms. Himani through my cousin. She was as good as I was told she was. She was warm, considerate and patient. Over the course of time she has understood my child and my family well. She has always been helpful and bonded beautifully with my child. She has helped with various resources to help me and my child. If you are looking for a child psychologist, she would be my go to person."
  • Opening Hours:
    Monday to Friday from 12-6 pm.

Ms. Himani Bishnoi  | Mental Health Professional |

|RCI Licensed Child and Adolescent Psychologist |

I am a Licensed child and adolescent Psychologist. I had completed masters in psychology from University of Delhi and then eventually pursued a post graduate diploma in child guidance and counselling from NIPCCD, Delhi.

Moreover, while my training afforded me a rounded skill set, including play and behavioural therapy skills, direct work with children with special needs, I excel at:
• Case history and interviewing skills
• Case conceptualisation and diagnostic workup
• Play therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
• Social skills training
• Life skills sessions
• Psycho – educational assessment and special education interventions
• Career guidance and counselling

In addition to my experience and clinician skill set, I have a solid educational foundation and vision to create a safe space for children where they can grow as per their pace and be accepted for their capabilities and uniqueness. ‘Children are special and so do they make us feel’ is what I believe in. I want to propagate this ideology and make the world a better place for kids.

Psychologists are trained professionals who work in the field of mental health. There are various sub-fields of psychology but the most common are clinical and counselling psychologists. Psychologists are trained and equipped to help people learn to cope with various life issues and mental health struggles. They take into consideration the client’s personality, values, family system, environment and life goals while helping them with issues like anxiety, depression, anger, eating disorders, mood swings, phobias, communication and social issues, trauma, learning disabilities and even ADHD.

Clinical psychologists are also licensed to administered evaluative tests like personality inventories, aptitude tests, and other clinical tools that can help assess the client’s mental health status. Often times psychologists have additional training and qualifications such as Clinical Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, NLP practitioners, EFT practitioners, life coaches and counsellors. Book an Appointment


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